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West Babylon, NY 11704

Our Vision
We dedicate the resources of our school system to develop the capacity of our students to take personal responsibility for their learning and well-being in order that they may become productive members of society.  Trustee, employee, parent and student cooperation is vital to these efforts. Thus, we encourage respectful dialogue among all those concerned.

We promote high academic achievement for all students.
We commit our energies to enable students to understand and appreciate the Constitution of the United States,Bill of Rights and the civic virtues necessary to sustain a democracy.
We promote among students respect for oneself and for others, a sense of personal integrity and commitment to community service, as well as a sense of fairness and honesty.
We provide protective care for our students in response to their needs for security,support and encouragement.

Our Mission
We, the West Babylon School Community, declare our commitment to provide educational experiences of quality which enable all students to learn, share, lead and compete in the global community.  Our commitment is to provide a school system dedicated to the proposition that all students will become lifelong learners who take pride in their work and in their service to others.

We,therefore, endeavor to continually improve the quality of our work.

Mrs. Lucy Campasano, President   

Mr. Christopher Paolillo, Vice President   

Mr. Raymond Downey, Trustee   

Mr. John Evola, Trustee   

Mrs. Roseann Geiger, Trustee   

Mrs. Cathy Gismervik, Trustee   

Mrs. Chirsten Johnson-Tymann, Trustee   

Dr. Patti Neville, Trustee   

Mrs. Kristen Sciame, Trustee   

Mrs. Elizabeth Seibold, District Treasurer   

Ms. Jailin Parada Ms. Jailin Parada, District Clerk    Email