West Babylon SEPTA

Email: septapta@wbschools.org


What is SEPTA?

SEPTA is a district-wide Special Education Parent Teacher Association which meets frequently to ensure a free appropriate public education for children with special needs, and the gifted and talented. West Babylon SEPTA works to promote a rewarding educational and social experience for all children.  We strive to elevate community awareness, acceptance and support of all our special need students. We also hope to enrich parents and families with valuable information, lectures and support groupings.

To become a member online, please visit our MemberHub store. Otherwise, visit the Membership Form Link to print the form.


How Can You Support West Babylon SEPTA?

  • Become an active member.
  • Attend monthly meetings, lectures and support groups.
  • Ask your teachers, principals, administration and community leaders to get involved and attend meetings.
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Support our fundraisers.
  • Be informed.
  • Spread the news to others in our community!


Our Goals

  • To ensure each special needs and gifted children receives the best possible free appropriate public education, resulting in the child reaching his or her full potential.
  • To encourage children with special needs to participate in regular education programs as much as possible,
  • To bring together our community of parents, teachers, administrators, therapists and friends of children with varying needs in order to share their experiences and expertise.
  • To keep parents informed of issues and changes in the laws affecting their children.
  • To familiarize parents with the Committee on Special Education (CSE) and its process of programs for children with special needs.
  • To offer our parents and families support with informative lectures and support groups.
  • To educate the community at large for the need of Special Education Programs.
  • To educate everyone, including general education students, about the importance of acceptance for all in our community. 



West Babylon SEPTA Board Meeting Dates 2023-2024

All take place at SHS, room TBD

Monday, September 18th
Wednesday, October 25th
Wednesday, November 29th
Tuesday, January 16th
Tuesday, Feb. 27th
Wednesday, March 20th
Monday April 15th
Wednesday, May 22nd
Tuesday, June 11th

West Babylon SEPTA Executive Board 2023-2024

 Sherry McGrath President 
 Kelly Connolly  1st Vice President
 Josette Crean  2nd Vice President
 Adrianna Newel  Treasurer
 Marisa Greco  Recording Secretary
 Sheila Gregory  Corresponding Secretary