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Leaving a Legacy at South Bay

three students wearing masks thumbnail214664
three students signing wall mural thumbnail214665
three students signing wall mural thumbnail214666
three students signing wall mural thumbnail214667
three students signing wall mural thumbnail214668
three students signing wall mural thumbnail214669
wall mural of two brick roads and a river & bridge thumbnail214670
students' names written on different bricks of the wall mural thumbnail214671
student signing wall mural thumbnail214672
students signing wall mural thumbnail214673

Custodian Mike Kuffo is once again spreading his talented works of art across the schools. In mid-February, he finished up his third mural at the elementary schools – this time at South Bay Elementary School. With each mural, Mr. Kuffo said, he likes to use the school’s theme to craft his artwork. Mr. Kuffo, who grew up and graduated from West Babylon, also says that he likes to give back to his community. The South Bay mural, which reads “Challenge Your Mind Every Day at South Bay,” features a landscape of mountains, a river, hot air balloons and a brick walkway. As a way to commemorate their final year at South Bay, each of the fifth graders had the opportunity to sign their name to a brick.

*Please note: these images were taken prior to Wednesday, March 2 and the lifting of the mask mandate.

Date Added: 3/21/2022