Runner Makes West Babylon History

Niomi holding up a flag that says
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Niomi and her awards. thumbnail255337
Niomi Allison advanced to the state championship meet in both the 55-meter hurdles and 55-meter dash. Her advancement to the state championship in the 55-meter hurdles marks the first time that a female athlete has reached this level in West Babylon history. In doing so, she also broke the school record, running a time of 8.42 seconds, which is .12 seconds faster than the previous mark. She is currently ranked sixth in New York State Public Schools.

Niomi also finished third in the 55-meter dash, running a state qualifying time of 7.36 seconds, which currently sits No. 3 all time for West Babylon. This double is extremely hard to achieve given that these events are raced back to back. It takes a tremendous amount of endurance and strength to bounce back from one even to another with little rest in between. Niomi showed she was up to the task by focusing on each event as it came.

Date Added: 2/20/2024