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Kindergartners Get Special Police Visit at South Bay

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Kindergartners at South Bay Elementary School had a special visit from K9 Officer Mark Sacco, his dog Bosco and two dogs in training. Students learned how K9s work to keep the community safe. The students hid objects from Officer Sacco around the playground and watched how Bosco was able to find them all.

Afterward, Detective Chiquitucto did a presentation to the kindergarten class about fingerprints. He is a latent fingerprint analyst with Suffolk County Police Department's Identification Section. The class learned about the types of fingerprints people can leave behind. Detective Chiquitucto showed the class how he is able to make fingerprints more visible by using different types of methods. The class watched him use two different types of fingerprint powder to see the characteristics of the fingerprints so he can use that information to match those fingerprintsto people.

Date Added: 5/20/2022