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Balloons Fly High at Tooker’s Thanksgiving Parade

Three students stand with their balloons decorated like animals thumbnail237507
Group photo of students with their balloons thumbnail237508
Students show Kindergarteners their balloons thumbnail237509
Group photo of students with their balloons and Kindergarteners thumbnail237510

The kindergarten students at Tooker Avenue enjoyed a Thanksgiving Day parade performed by the fourth and fifth grade students in Mrs. Ramo’s class. Mrs. Ramo’s students read “Balloons Over Broadway” by Melissa Sweet. They completed the lesson by designing and creating their very own parade balloons. The students were excited to show the kindergarteners their magnificent creations.

Date Added: 12/9/2022

South Bay First Graders Crafting Writing Pieces

Two students holding up their work thumbnail237219

The first grade students at South Bay Elementary School are working hard on their literacy skills. Students in Ms. Fitzpatrick’s class are creating opinion writing pieces, deciding on whether they would rather ride a bicycle or skateboard. The students are sharing their reasoning with classmates. In Ms. Castelli’s class, students are learning about editing and revising their work as they write about small moments.

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Date Added: 12/7/2022

Hands-On Social Studies Lessons at SHS

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Students at West Babylon Senior High School are learning about U.S. history during their junior year and U.S. government during their senior year. During a recent U.S. history lesson, students watched a video clip and answered questions about President John Adams. In a related lesson, students created cereal boxes depicting different presidents. The boxes featured a famous quote from the president, random facts, previous jobs prior to becoming president and significant events in their event.

During the U.S. government class, seniors are learning all about the practice of gerrymandering. After watching a brief video, students went to the computer lab for a head-to-head competition. Using a gerrymandering video game, the students competed to see who could be the most successful in restructuring their districts.

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Date Added: 12/5/2022

Forest Avenue Students Are Going the Distance

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Students walking on a grassy lawn thumbnail237209
Students walking on a grassy lawn thumbnail237210
Students walking on a grassy lawn thumbnail237211
The students at Forest Avenue Elementary School are going the distance this year, thanks to the newly launched Mileage Club. The club began in October and Forest Avenue students have already walked more than 2,000 miles as a school. An outdoor space is sectioned off and classes walk the track twice – for the equivalent of one mile – at an allotted timeslot each day. Students get a stick for every mile completed and receive a token for every five miles. The walks help to increase physical activity while also giving students a break in the day. The school plans to continue the club in the winter months and move the walks indoors.

Date Added: 12/2/2022

Creative Costumes Camouflage Turkeys at JFK

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After reading “Turkey Trouble” with their class, the students in Ms. Rosen’s class at John F. Kennedy Elementary School did their best to disguise their turkeys so they wouldn’t end up on the dinner table this Thanksgiving. The students camouflaged their turkeys in some creative costumes and wrote stories on why they choose that particular disguise.

Date Added: 11/30/2022