Social Emotional Learning


Five Competencies of SEL

Self Awareness

Students will develop self-awareness by:

  • Developing self respect and a positive self image.
  • Knowing their boundaries, motivations and intentions.
  • Identifying their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Developing methods to be successful including understanding their own learning styles


Self Management

Students will develop self management by:

  • Learning to set clears goals.
  • Learning to self reflect and self evaluate.
  • Demonstrating self control.
  • Learning time management and prioritization.
  • Learning to regulate their emotions and reduce stress.


Social Awareness

Students will learn to be socially aware by:

  • Demonstrating empathy, sensitivity,patience, compassion and consideration.
  • Learning the importance of personal space.
  • Understanding the role of socioeconomic status in people's lives.
  • Demonstrating generosity, flexibility, tolerance, fairness and reliability.
  • Demonstrating proper etiquette in different situations.


Relationship Skills

Students will develop relationship skills by:

  • Developing speaking and listening skills.
  • Demonstrating respect for others.
  • Developing trust, honesty, and encouragement in interactions with others.


Responsible Decision-Making

Students will be able to make responsible decisions by:

  • Determining the pros and cons while thinking about consequences.
  • Choosing peers wisely to avoid peer pressure and avoid uncomfortable situations.
  • Learning to seek input and advice from others.
  • Learning to consistently follow school rules and regulations.