About West Babylon Junior High School

At West Babylon Junior High School, we are proud to offer our students a dynamic, progressive program that fosters the 21st century skills that students need to succeed in our ever-changing world. Additionally, we are proud of our staff, who so effectively support our students as they meet the daily challenges of adolescence.

The Junior High School experience is an exercise in transition and change. On a daily basis, we assist parents and students in navigating the worlds of adolescent education and social responsibility. We are charged with making our students ready for High School, while maintaining a personal, empathetic, and nurturing relationship with each one. We assist our 6th  grade students by utilizing a Cluster model which allows them to travel from class to class in a relatively confined area while having access to all of their core teachers throughout the day. Our 7th grade students are part of Teams that all share the same core area teachers. In very broad terms, both our 6th and 7th grade students travel with a similar group of students throughout the day. Quite often, staff members work collaboratively to plan curriculum and implement interdisciplinary activities and strategies to promote the academic and social success of all students. Our 8th graders participate in a more individualized schedule that is very similar to a High School schedule; they have more choices for elective courses, accelerated courses, and take a Foreign Language class for the first time which allows for greater variation of their schedules.

To ensure that each students needs are met throughout the year, we have begun to utilize a system known as the Child Support Team or “CST”. Utilizing this procedure, any student that may need assistance academically, socially, emotionally, financially, etc., can be recommended by a staff member to the CST and that team will develop a plan to meet the students needs and follow up with any stakeholders that may be affected. By addressing the needs of our entire student population, we hope to level the playing field for all students and allow them to flourish in a program that has high standards while maintaining optimal support.

I wish our student body a wonderful school year and remind each student to “Be all you can be.”