Tooker Avenue Character Education Student Recognition Program

The Tooker Avenue Character Education Program is something that we take very seriously at our school. It is our goal for all of the students to exhibit good character on a daily basis. We start off each morning with an inspirational/thought-provoking message that the principal reads over the PA system. This message is created by Project Wisdom and is designed to help our students learn to make better choices in their daily lives, and also to treat others with respect. We focus on one theme per month, and they are listed below:

Value of the Month

Character Education Award Winners

We will be presenting a Character Education award to one member of each class at the Tooker Avenue School. This award will be given out each month at our PTA meetings. Students receive this award based on nominations they get from staff members in the building. Any staff member who works in our school can nominate a student. In 4th and 5th grade, the students are also allowed to make nominations for their classmates.

It is our hope that this program will raise awareness about Character Education in our school and greatly reduce the incidents of bullying and/or harassment. We simply do not tolerate these types of behaviors at Tooker, and to accomplish this we need the support of all students, parents, and staff.

Monthly recipients are shared below.



January 2024 Character Education Award Winners

Zeynep Bodur, Georgio Lataniotis, Chloe Carnival, Gabriella DeOtto, Gianni Bond (not pictured), Nathan Paz-Andrade, Gibrine Anaba, Madison Reginato, Jeremiah Barahona, Kayla Octavius, Liam Hutchinson, Chase Zeidler, Natalie Barahona and Benjamin Montalvo (not pictured).


December 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Jayden Torrez (not pictured), Valerie Ramos, Tori Beach, Brooke Grassano, Yahni'Lynn Gomez, Sophia Meza, Matthew Adames, Amine Cayan, Allison Dubrosky, Josph Greco, Elvis Sanchez, Daniel Gut, Layla Dubrosky & Marjorie Sanchez

November 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Noah Hutton, Emma Pena, Mia Salvemini, Emerson Rao, James Berardi (not pictured), Theodore Buscemi (not pictured), Arionna Metzger, Luis Gomez, Preston Burke, Leila Shelley, Amara Garcia, Nathaniel Riche, Chris Charles & Lauren Rao

OCTOBER 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Huma Sultan Kavakli, Raelyn Boswith, Jaclyn Burgess, Marielly Castillo, Lily Sperber, Jadine Fuentebella, Alison Martinez, Alexia Juarez Ruiz, Sabrina Milani, Mathias Puentes, Luke Krutys, Adrian Delaleu, Jonathan Cortez and Presley Ferracane

SEPTEMBER 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Grace Marroquin, Mathilda Di Franco, Kevin Rao, Lauren Skibiel, Alejandro Rosales, Jaxiel Jose, Mia Polanco (not pictured), Dylan Contreras, Yahir Salas, Caleb Moya, Yarelyn Casilla, Hayleigh Carnival, Maxine Bacalso (not pictured) and Kristen Huerta.

October character ed photo

JUNE 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Luna Decal, Kylie Flores, Harper Zeidler, Brianna Villatoro-Hernandez, Yahir Salas, Sabrina Milani, Alison Martinez-Quijada,Stephanie Guzman, Henry Garcia, Caleb Moya, Ariana Acevedo, Layla Dubrosky, Lily Montalvo and Guinevere Ye


May 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Tori Beach, Mia Coughlin, Penelope Langone, Nathaniel Polanco (not pictured), Juliette Hernandez, Justin Polito, Matthew Haines,Michael Reyes Moreno, Aaliyah DeCrescenzo, Leila Shelley, Giulietta DeOtto, Brenan Quinn, Christian Cuevas and Lily Marro


April 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Anabel Cuevas, Mia Salvemini, Suzanna Ordonez, Yahni’Lynn Gomez (not pictured),
Jack Zagorski, Madison Flores, Gibrine Anaba, Chase Zeidler, Nicholas Carlson,
Mathias Puentes, Luke Chizzoniti, Kristen Huerta, Evelyn Machtel and Penelope Woods

March 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Marielly Castillo, Nico Gelman, Jadine Fuentebella, Benjamin Czimber, Javel Poole, Avery Drago, Matthew Sanchez, Daniel Gut, Alina Hernandez, Alfonso Bellone, Benjamin Montalvo, Maxine Bacalso, Kianna Pena and Danielle Morra.

March 2023 Character Education Award Winners

February 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Alina Rodriguez, Tameah Strong, Jaxiel Jose, Viktor Belo, Lewis Ye, Dylan Contreras, Naraly Canales, Sebastian Moran, Yarelyn Casilla, Jaxson Ketcham, Presley Ferracane (not pictured), Mikaylie Castillo, Dariel Collado and Jeremy Ramos.

February 2023 Character Education Award Winners

January 2023 Character Education Award Winners

Yunus Kaya, Natalie Duganieri, Trinity Almskog, James Berardi, Anna Kontaxis, Mattie Mustakas, Matthew Adames (not pictured), Josephina Durand, Jacob Mejia, Kayla Octavius, Lucas Schaeffner, Layla Dubrosky, Anthony Chaikowski and Zachary Montalvo (not pictured).

January 2023 Character Ed Award Winners

November/December 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Mateo Saravia (not pictured), Lauren Skibiel, Emerson Rao, Gulfem Kavakli, Leandro Contreras-Suquitana, Natalie Ortiz-Prieto, Izabella Bravo, Vincent Pannullo, Bethany Ayala, Curtis Betts, Mert Ozkan, Amara Garcia, Owen Bench, Royfi Adames,  Kristen Skibiel, Lorenzon Paschette, Luke Sackman, Ashley Romero & Lily Marro

November/December Character Ed Award Winners

October 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Kevin Rao, Chloe Carnival, Mason Meade, Gianni Bond, Allison Dubrosky, Preston Burke, Mia-Grace Polanco, Luke Krutys, Hayleigh Carnival, Joseph Greco, Leilani Belo, Luke Sackman, Sebastian Gut and Danielle Morra.

(some students not pictured due to absence or unavailable for picture)

October 2022 Character Education Award Winners

September 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Casey Ellingham, Jaclyn Burgess, Liliana Sperber, Sophia Meza, Luis Gomez, Steven Ayoub, Maheen Sharif, Aubrey Dunsmore, Nyoka McCarthy, Nicole Caba Batista, Natalie Barahona, Jazelle Poole, Nola Beach and Guinevere Ye

September 2022 Character Education Award Winners

June 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Leandro Contreras Suquitana, Alejandro Rosales, Luis Gomez (not pictured), Niko Paschette, Nyoka McCarthy, Adrian Delaleu, Kayla Octavius, Gavin McGrath, Maxine Bacalso, Zachary Montalvo, Alycia Gervasi, Ava Dockey and Emmanuel Paragna.

June 2022 CE Students

May 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Leo Angulo, Viktor Belo, Max Nunez, Angel Arevalo, Michael Reyes-Moreno, Yarelyn Casilla, Royfi Adames, Lily DaVolio, Sam McGrath, Lilly Marro (not pictured), Janeida Thegeniste, Ryleigh Drago and Samantha Seitz

May 2022 Character Ed Students

April 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Gulfem Sultan Kavakli, Bellerose Buscemi, Angel Desiree Martinez, Maheen Sharif, Justin Polito, Josephina Durand, Stella Padovano, Jaxson Ketcham, MiKaylie Castillo, Brenan Quinn (not pictured), Aydin Rehan, Evelyn Machtel, Ava Dockery and Mia Mueck.

april character

March 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Jax Warren, Brianna Riche, Bathany Ayala-Garcia, Isabella Martinez, Benjamin DaVolio, Juliana Romero, Thomas Coughlin, Mathias Puentes, Layla Dubrosky, Jillian Almonte, Sebastian Gut (not pictured), Jeremy Ramos, Ava Dockery and Nina Milani.

March 2022

February 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Jadine Fuentebella, Mason Meade, Jeremiah Brahona, Matthew Sanchez, Tien Tran, Avery Brown, Matilda Studer, Kayla Octavius, Benjamin Montalvo, Miranda Le, Emma Reusch, Penelope Woods, Philip Cosentino and Nina Milani.

February 2022 Character Education Award Winners

January 2022 Character Education Award Winners

Theodore Buscemi, Suzanna Ordonez, Anna Kontaxis, Maheen Sharif, Evan Santos, Lily Miron, Hayleigh Carnival, Adam Yahya, Hayden Langone, Justin Charles, Jayden Baldwin, Dariel Collado, Ava Dockery and Forrest Fishman

january winners

November & December 2021 Character Education Award Winners

Brianna Villatoro Hernandez, Penelope Langone, Kylie Kulp, Naraly Canales, Antonio Scotti, Aubrey Dunsmore, Chase Zeidler, Alexander Diaz, Kristen Skibiel, Eli Ayoub, Danielle Morra, Nola Beach, Chloe Becci, Kaitlyn Mancuso and Amelia Berkey

winners names displayed on bulletin board

October 2021 Character Education Award Winners

Liliana Sperber, Natalie Ortiz-Prieto, Avery Drago, Alison Martinez, Sabrina Milani, Amara Garcia, Henry Garcia, Joseph Greco, Presley Ferracane, Natalie Barahona, Broso Greco, Guinevere Ye, Jayson Pensabene and Samantha Flores-Yanes.

character ed october

September 2021 Character Education Award Winners

Benjamin Czimber, Harper Zeidler, Dominic Salvemini, Matthew Haines, Allison Dubrosky, Luke Krutys, Daniel Gut, Emir Burgess, Kailey Jeannoel, Brian Martin, Akshara Kirupakaran, Zaddah Ayala, Reilly Almskog and Emmanuel Paragna.

September character ed photo