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"All In" Academic Effort Awards

Our "All In" award focuses on our student's academic effort each month at Tooker Avenue School. To be considered for this award, students need to put forth their best effort in all academic areas with a specific emphasis on ELA and Mathematics. They also need to put in extra effort that is above and beyond what happens in class or for homework. At our school, we use Raz Kids for reading and IXL for math. Each student has a user name and password to access these sites from home. Practicing on these sites is an excellent way for them to prove that they are "All In" to improving throughout the school year. They may also choose to practice reading, writing, or math without the use of a computer. If they choose to do this, they need to consult with their classroom teacher to ensure that they get credit.

I would like to thank all of our students for working hard on a daily basis. It is greatly appreciated, and these extra efforts will allow us to accomplish great things at our elementary school!


June 2022 All-In Award Winners

Noelle Libranti, Lester Martinez-Mejia, Carlos Mendoza, Izabella Bravo, Aaliyah DeCrescenzo, Gabriel Martinez, Alfonso Bellone, Ryan Reusch, Ashely Romero and Zaddah Ayala.

June All in Students

May 2022 All-In Award Winners

Rawell Martinez, Christopher Bethell, Angelina Tymofeyev, Madelyn Reyes-Moreno, Jordyn McNinney, Olivia Francis, Joseph Greco, Mason Hertel, Emma Reusch, Penelope Woods and Melissa Rodriguez.

May All in Students

April 2022 All-In Award Winners

Nathaniel Polanco, Raazia Irman, Mattie Mustakas, Evan Estevez, Martaz Ahmad, Efe Ceylan, Michael Serrata, Lance Robinson, Jazelle Poole, Marjorie Sanchez (not pictured), Gabriel Rasnick (not pictured), Guinevere Ye and Joshua LoJan.

april all in

March 2022 All-In Award Winners

Jaxiel Jose, Gianni Bond, Darlene Torres, Philip Grosso, Roniel Rodriguez, Mert Ozkan, Patrick Gregory, Caleb Moya, Luke Sackman, Ariana Acevedo, Danielle Morra (not pictured), Jaiden Carniva and Danna Nolasco-Vargas.

March 2022

February 2022 All-In Award Winners

Yahni' Lynn Gomez, Nahilda Etienne, Madison Flores, Ivan Perales, Andres Miranda, Elvis Sanchez, Liam Hutchinson, Alexander Diaz, Lucas Schaeffner, Kevin Flores, Akshara Kirupakaran and Lilly Rossando.

February 2022 All-In Award Winners

January 2022 All-In Award Winners

Gabiella Biondo, Sophia Meza, Javel Poole Emmanuel Ellison, Madison Reginato, Deniz Yildiz, Antonia Schillaci, Logan Robinson, Cody LaVecchia, Lauren Rao, Sebastian Gut, Jeremy Ramos and Dannielle Ellison

january winners

November & December 2021 All-In Award Winners

Amberin Balbuena Diaz, Nathan Paz Andrade, Logan Hertel, Curtis Betts, Lewis Ye, Jhovens Piere, Jacob Mejia, Mathias Puentes, Lorenzo Paschette, Leilani Belo, Adriana Criollo, Ava Mitchell and Nailee Pierre

all in award winners names on bulletin board

October 2021 All-In Awards Winners

James Berardi, Braden Bradley, Dylan Contreras, Gibrine Anaba, Preston Burke,
Nathaniel Riche, Madelyn Palmese, Alfonso Bellone, Lily DaVolio, Noah Harding, Emily Blair and Evelyn Machtel.

awards winners october