Tooker 100 Club

Tooker Avenue Elementary School launched its new Tooker 100 Club at the end of November 2022. The club will recognize positive behaviors throughout the school both in and out of the classroom and help to promote those behaviors throughout the school.

The goal of the new club is to acknowledge those students who continue to make positive choices. Teachers and staff members will each receive a limited number of tickets to be given to students when they exhibit respect, follow the rules during unstructured times or are caught being kind.

Students will receive a certificate and families will get notified if their students receive a ticket. Once a student receives a ticket, they will take it to the main office, where they will randomly choose a number between one and 100. The student’s name will be placed on the bulletin board on that number. Once a whole row or column is filled on the board, everyone in those spots will receive a special mystery prize from Tooker Avenue Principal Charles Germano. The 100 Club members will also get to sign a celebrity book in the main office.


TOOKER 100 CLUB February 9, 2024 Winners!

Congratulations to Rafael Medina, Presley Ferracane, Christian Gracia, Anabel Cuevas,
Avery Brown, Mia Alvarado, Justin Charles, Lauren Rao, Alfonso Bellone and Kristin Skibiel!

TOOKER 100 CLUB January 30, 2024 Winners!

Congratulations to Carlos Mendoza, James Berardi, Wally Medina Borrell, Mia Alvarado,
Marielly Castillo, Nyoka McCarthy, Brayden Feliciano, Ian Abreu Reyes, Kristen Huerta
and Presley Ferracane!

TOOKER 100 CLUB January 29, 2024 Winners!

Congratulations to Martaz Ahmad, Lily Sperber, Ryan Reusch, Madison Reginato, Lauren Skiebel,
Mia Beeman, Lucas Schaeffner, Jax Warren, Kristen Huerta and Kailey Jeannoel!


TOOKER 100 CLUB January 24, 2024 Winners!

Congratulations to Hailey Garcia, Brianna Riche, Emerson Rao, Julianna Romero,
Rafael Medina, Deniz Yildiz, Jillian Almonte, Brennan Quinn, Aaliyah DeCrescenzo
and Angelina Tymofeyev!


TOOKER 100 CLUB January 18, 2024 Winners!

Congratulations to Brooke Grassano, Raazia Imran, Harper Zeidler, Andres Miranda,
Chase Zeidler, Henry Garcia, Noah Hutton, Alison Martinez, Yimercy Medina Borrel
and Lauren Rao!


TOOKER 100 CLUB January 16, 2024 Winners!

 Congratulations to Kevin Rao, Kristin Skiebel, Presley Ferraccone, Allison Dubrosky, Liliana Miron,
Nico Gelman, Kristen Huerta, Madelyn Reyes Moreno, Jayden Torrez and Grace Marroquin!


TOOKER 100 CLUB December 12, 2023 Winners!

CCongratulations to Wally Medina Borrel, Rawell Martinez, Sabrina Milani, Philip Grosso,
Michael Reyes Moreno, Aubrey Dunsmore, Nathaniel Riche and Mathias Puentes!


TOOKER 100 CLUB December 6, 2023 Winners!

Congratulations to Caleb Moya, Mia Polanco, Brooke Grassano, Yahni Lynn Gomez,
Allison Dubrosky, Jared Fogarty, Yunus Kaya, Tien Tran, Mia Coughlin, Dominic Salvemini,
Tatem Hertel, Lester Martinez, Amelia Marrero, JoJo Greco, Kristin Skiebel, Noah Hutton,
Gene Gabrell, Suzanna Ordonez, Yahir Salas and Aaliyah DeCrescenzo!


TOOKER 100 CLUB November 29, 2023 Winners!

 Congratulations to Noah Harding, Hayleigh Carnival, Jaclyn Burgess, Yahir Salas, Deniz Yildiz,
Julianna Romero, Eli Ayoub, Leandro Contreras, Vincent Panullo, Henry Garcia, Evan Estevez,
Liam Hutchinson, Stella Padovano, Luke Sackman, Kylie Kulp, Madison Flores, Jaxson Ketcham,
Elani DeMaio and Leila Shelley

TOOKER 100 CLUB November 17, 2023 Winners!

Congratulations to Angelina Tymofeyev, Lewis Ye, Giuletta DeOtto, Tatum Hertel,
Lauren Rao, Deniz Yildiz, Gianna Field, Yahir Salas, Andres Miranda and Mia Salvemini.

TOOKER 100 CLUB April 28, 2023 Winners!

Congratulations to Liam Hutchinson, Martaz Ahmad, Dylan Contreras, Nathaniel Polanco, Mert Ozkan, Jared Fogarty, Justin Polito, Amine Cayan, Mia Coughlin and Denia Yildiz.

TOOKER 100 CLUB February 9, 2023 Winners!
Juliette Hernandez, Connor Dorsey, Lily Marro, Jeremiah Barahona, Mia Polanco, Mia Beeman, Sabrina Milani, Noah Harding, Dariel Collado, Stella Padovano, Jhovens Pierre, Izabella Bravo, Isabella Duganieri, Gibrine Anaba, Daniel Gut, Nico Paschette, Tommy Coughlin, Steven Ayoub, Dylan Contreras, Luis Gomez, Elvis Sanchez, Nyoka McCarthy, Benjamin Montalvo, Danielle Morra, Alison Martinez, Aubrey Dunsmore and Jaiden Carnival

TOOKER 100 CLUB January 25, 2023 Winners!
Congratulations to Alycia Gervasi, Genesis Parra Brito, Luna Decal, Zaddah Ayala, Maxine Bacalso, Emma Reusch, Owen Beach, Amara Garcia, Noah Harding, Marielly Castillo, Nola Beach, Angel Arevalo, Leah Burga, Hayden Langone, Jazelle Poole, Julie Romero, Alina Rodriguez, Brenan Quinn, Layla Dubrosky and Lucas Schaeffner!

TOOKER 100 CLUB January 12, 2023 Winners!
Congratulations to Zachary Montalvo, Mia Beeman, Niko Paschette, Olivia Francis, Dylan Contreras, Grayson Lennon, Cody LaVecchia, Tatum Hertel, Jeremiah Francis, Nola Beach, Alina Canales, Joseph Rao, Lily Sperber, Kristin Skibiel, Lewis Ye, Tien Tran, Alfonso Bellone, Luke Krutys and Logan Hertel!