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Fun activities for you and your elementary school child

  1. Celebrate National Kids Day. Help your child plan an activity to celebrate it with the entire family
  2. Make tonight a 'No TV' night with your family. Ask your child to help select games or stories, and spend some quality time with them.
  3. Help boost your child's self-esteem. Take pride in their achievements and accomplishments today and every day.
  4. Put on a history play with your child today. Help them learn about important events in world history or even your own family history.
  5. Make learning to write letters and numbers fun for your child. Roll playdough or clay into long thin worms and ask them to create letters and numbers.
  6. Ask your child to help make lunch today. They can pick a spot in the park so that you can share lunch together.
  7. Take the family out to a water park today. Help your child put on sunscreen and explain the importance of protecting their skin.
  8. Go to the park and take a nature hike with your child today. Ask them to point out different animals and what they need to survive (i.e. food, shelter etc.)
  9. School's on the way! Help your child make a 'countdown to school' calendar. Ask them to cross off each day at bedtime.
  10. Encourage your child to make a 'to do' list today. Help them make a list of things that they would like to accomplish tomorrow, then check the items once completed.
  11. Visit a community pool with your child today. Go for a dip to cool off on a hot day.
  12. Take your child shopping for school supplies. Ask them to brainstorm a list of things that they will need for school.
  13. Help your child make a kite today. They can decorate it and fly it at the park.
  14. Teach your child about recycling. Show them how to recycle items such as paper, glass and aluminum.
  15. Take your child to a petting zoo today. Ask them to draw pictures of the animals that they saw today.
  16. Visit the library with your child today. Encourage them to borrow books about a different country, and learn about the people, cultures, and customs of that country.
  17. On a rainy day, set up a tent with your child in the living room. They can pretend to be a forest ranger.
  18. Help your child practice their math skills. Ask them to add up all the change in your pocket or purse today.
  19. Teach your child about the importance of preserving nature. Help them plant a tree in the yard and explain how littering harms the environment.
  20. On a large piece of construction paper, help your child write their name vertically. Using each letter, help them write words that describe their personality.
  21. Make car trips fun for your child. Play a game and ask them to point out license plates billboards and interesting road signs.
  22. Tell your child that you love them today and every day.
  23. Help your child create and design their own phone book . Make a list of their friends names and phone numbers.
  24. How much does your child know about their family history? On a map trace where your family is from and help them create a family tree.
  25. Help your child write a letter to a grandparent or friend today. Explain the importance of keeping in touch with loved ones.
  26. Get your child back in 'school mode'. Ask them to research a famous painter on the Internet. Get out the paint and let them express themselves through art.
  27. Teach your child about textures today. Ask them to find objects outdoors that are smooth, shiny, slimy or round.
  28. Suggest that your child write a poem for a friend today. They can mail it to them for a back to school present.
  29. Encourage your child to make journal entries and keep track of their experiences in a new grade this coming school season.
  30. Have a back to school party for some of your child's friends.
  31. Help your child prepare for school. Talk to them about setting personal goals this year.

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Academic Intervention Services 

View our K-12 AIS Guide for information regarding Academic Intervention Services (also known as AIS) in New York State. This pamphlet contains the general guidelines which were the basis for the West Babylon School District's creation of its AIS plan for students.

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Birthday Celebration

It's A Birthday Party! How do you celebrate in compliance with the West Babylon's School District Wellness Policy?

You can order ice cream, or cookies or treats from our school's lunch department.

You are not required to use this service if you wish to celebrate your child's birthday in school. You do need to follow the wellness policy guidelines. Please contact your child's teacher before planning any birthday celebration in school.


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Common Core Standards

Below please find the link to information about the Common Core Standards in ELA and Mathematics, sometimes referred to as CCS.

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IXL Math

IXL Math is a special math website for children and their parents to use at home. It contains engaging math problems, detailed explanations, and unlimited practice to help children master thousands of math skills.

With cool virtual prizes for meeting math challenges, your child will be begging to spend time on IXL.

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TrueFlix is now available!

This is an online resource that you can access from home. TrueFlix focuses on subject area content in science and social studies for students spanning grades 3-6. You child will be able to access TrueFlix anywhere there is an Internet connection. It has clickable books and eight exciting subject areas such as : Disasters, Space, Continents, and The Human Body.

To login to True Flix please use the following information:

Click here to access TrueFlix.
Username:  santapogue
Password:  trueflix

Happy Learning!

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