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About Santapogue


Santapogue Elementary School is located in West Babylon on the south shore of Long Island. It is one of five elementary schools in the West Babylon UFSD and houses approximately 345 students in grades kindergarten through five. We are committed to nurturing the individual capabilities and unique talents of all the students of Santapogue, and preparing them for the technological changes of the 21st Century. At the Santapogue School we:

  • Promote excellence in the academic and social spheres
  • Instill pride in personal and group achievement
  • Encourage social responsibility through character education and “bucketfilling”
  • Foster critical thinking and creativity
  • Enable students to pursue a lifelong love of learning.

Important Arrival and Dismissal Information

Students should arrive at 8:35am and be prepared to begin their day at 8:50am. There is a breakfast program which provides a meal at 8:35am when children arrive by car or by bus. The program concludes at 8:50am, when the students need to be in their classrooms. Please note that there is no before school supervision for children who arrive before 8:35am. Children who line up early are not supervised.


  • Parents/Guardians who drive are requested to enter the school driveway from the 12th Avenue side, and have their children exit their cars curb-side, directly onto the sidewalk. All cars need to move up to the yellow line, to facilitate a safe and rapid arrival.
  • Vehicles will not be permitted to enter the parking area of the 11th Avenue side for the purpose of discharging students.
  • All students required to cross Herzel Boulevard should cross at the 12th Avenue intersection with the Crossing Guard.
  • If children arrive late, they must be escorted into the Main Office by an adult.



  • School dismisses at 2:50pm. Walkers remain in the school until the dismissal bell sounds. 
  • Walkers will exit from the side doors onto the 11th Avenue playground or from the Blue Gym onto the intermediate playground and exit towards 12th Avenue.
  • Students leave from either the 11th Avenue or 12th Avenue exit doors according to their address.
  • Parents/Guardians who are meeting their children may not double park on the streets and must meet their children on the sidewalks. Dogs and other animals are not permitted on school grounds.


Visitors to Santapogue School

All parents, guardians and visitors must show photo ID at all times. Our school security guard Mr. Tom Muerlin will welcome and assist you. Please be prepared to show photo identification upon request.

Change of Residence, Phone Number or Other Information

Please be certain to notify the school at 631-376-7401 in the event of any change of your telephone number-work, home, cell or emergency-or any change in your residence. It is important that the staff at Santapogue have current emergency notification information for all children.