Bus Accident Insurance Coverage

If your child incurs an injury via a collision, fall while entering/exiting or on the bus, bumping into parts of the bus while on the bus, you need to protect your rights under the New York no-fault law.

First you must file a claim through your Family Auto Policy and not with the school district or any school bus transportation contractor hired by the district.

The no-fault law only allows you to present your claim to your auto carrier for a limited period, currently 30 days from the date of the accident. It is important to protect your rights and you may want to notify your insurance company or agent in writing as soon as possible that a claim may be forthcoming. If no parent or guardian of the student living in your household has an automobile insurance policy, you should notify the district immediately.

File your insurance company notice immediately even if you have not received a bill from a medical provider such as an ambulance company, hospital or doctor. If you have any question on the New York no-fault law you should contact your insurance company or agent.