Team Pages - Athletics

Along with offering intramural programs from the elementary level throughout high school, our district also offers many competitive interscholastic sports as well. In the high school there are twenty eight different varsity sports spanning the fall, winter and spring season. In the junior high school sports are broken into four seasons allowing students to participate with more diversity and better helping them make an informed decision when it comes time to chose in high school. Few sports are only offered at the varsity level such as gymnastics, golf, bowling and swimming, while most are programs are complete and offered throughout the junior high school and junior varsity levels of play. When all is totaled there are almost 1500 team members making up our "Eagle's Nest."

Our district has a Advanced Placement process reserved for the exceptional athlete. The purpose of this process is to give extremely talented students a chance to try out for a varsity team and compete at the highest level of high school competition. This process must be started six weeks prior to the tryout sessions so contact the athletic office early if you think it is something that you are interested.