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West Babylon Unveils Hall of Fame

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The West Babylon School District, in partnership with the West Babylon Alumni Foundation, unveiled their Hall of Fame in the Senior High School lobby with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov. 27.

District administrators, board of education members, Alumni Foundation members and inductees joined together for the official unveiling of the wall. “The Alumni Foundation helps to secure and distribute thousands of dollars in scholarships for our students every year,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Yiendhy Farrelly. “The foundation continues to perpetuate unique opportunities for our students while also recognizing the accomplishments of our alumni. This Hall of Fame is a great tribute to the many individuals who have contributed to our school district.”

The Hall of Fame was constructed by two former alumni – Michael Nieto (Class of 2016) and Brianna Ramsey (Class of 2017) – under the direction of technology teacher Eugene Rogovitz. The new display will serve to establish a set of values and a way of inspiring all the students who walk through the doors. West Babylon Alumni Foundation president Ralph Rienzo said it helps continue the traditions set in West Babylon and reinforces the motto of “once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”