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Superintendent of Schools

A Message from Yiendhy Farrelly……


June 29, 2020

Dear West Babylon families,

The school year has officially ended! Thank you to our community for supporting our 2020-2021 school budget. It is through your continued support that our students are afforded many opportunities for success.

Just a brief message to express my sincerest gratitude for EVERYTHING you have done during quite the challenging school year. In every challenge, there is also opportunity. The unprecedented difficulties of a global pandemic provided opportunities for our employees and our community to shine in so many ways.

• We saw community members volunteer to assist families in need.
• We saw extraordinary compassion as our staff and faculty volunteered and supported those in need of assistance in remarkable ways.
• We saw our staff and faculty members try new online creative and innovative practices to implement an entirely new way of teaching.
• We saw experimentation with technology tools that will forever alter the way we teach.
• We saw a community overwhelmingly support our school budget with a significant increase in school budget votes.
• We saw a community place the social and emotional needs of students and staff ahead of all else to ensure that supports were in place for all.
• We saw parents become teachers of their own children.
• We saw community and school district leaders emerge in almost every area to solve problems that previously were not even a consideration.
• We learned to communicate and connect with colleagues, friends and family members in “different” ways.

Yes – our community and school district also had some falls, bumps and bruises along the way.  Those falls allow us to reflect and grow as a school district and community. As the saying goes, it takes a village! As a West Babylon family, we go above and beyond for each other and our community always with the best interest of children in mind. I am confident that together we will develop and get through the next chapter of 2020 – the reopening of our schools.

I am so proud to serve as your superintendent of schools. I thank you for your continued support, feedback, guidance and for all you have done to support your family, schools and community. I sincerely hope that this summer you have opportunities to engage in those things that feed your soul and make you smile with family, friends and loved ones!  
With heartfelt appreciation,
Dr. Yiendhy Farrelly
Superintendent of Schools