On behalf of the Board of Education and administration team, I would like to share with you how proud we are of your children! Today was an emotional day of remembrance. Students understood and respected our safety concerns and developed a wonderful in-house program that allowed them to memorialize the lives lost and bring attention to the importance of school safety. 

At approximately 10 a.m., senior high school students had the option to go to the PAC for the purposes of “walking-in” and attending a student-led presentation. Students provided a thoughtful presentation by displaying pictures, names and ages of the 17 people who lost their lives in Parkland, Florida. Students took turns describing each individual and then lit a candle on stage in their name. A 17 second moment of silence was held, where you could hear a pin drop. Additionally, students were given opportunities to write letters to either Parkland students and faculty or local politicians regarding school safety. 

Students in the junior high school participated in 17 separate moments of silence - one at the start of each period and one at the end of each period. These moments of silence were preceded by the announcement of the name of a victim and a description about each person's life. Throughout the day, students participated in discussions about how they can be kind, friendly and supportive of one another. Discussions included 17 ways to make a difference, 17 people that they could get to know better, 17 acts of kindness, 17 things they could do to make someone's day better and 17 things they'd like to see changed at the JHS. A banner was hung outside the cafeteria with the message #WeAreOne and students voluntarily wrote messages that addressed school safety.

Throughout both buildings, students, staff and faculty members wore burgundy in memory of families of Parkland, Florida. Mental health professionals were available during the day in both buildings to address any student needs that arose. 

In an emotional program, all of our students maintained their composure while remembering those who have lost their lives and expressed their concerns regarding school safety. We all stand united in support of the Parkland community and in raising awareness to prevent another senseless tragedy. 

Everyone did an amazing job organizing today's heartfelt program! As your superintendent of schools, I am so proud of our students! Yes… #WeAreOne. 

Dr. Yiendhy Farrelly