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Technology Enhances Kindergarten Learning Experience

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South Bay Elementary School has a tech-savvy kindergarten class working on touch-screen Chromebooks this year. Kindergartners in Alison Chiquitucto’s class are using them daily to support and enhance their learning. 

Students are engaged and enthusiastic to use the technology and show off their accomplishments. They are exploring and problem-solving with the technology — from figuring out how to navigate the screens, to changing colors of text and backgrounds, to adding more and more letters to their words. 

“The types of rudimentary skill acquisition, creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and pride of accomplishment that these students experience today will serve as the basis for their success in college classrooms or corporate think tanks,” said South Bay Elementary School Principal JoAnn Scott.  

The 1:1 Chromebook imitative also allows the students to progress at their own pace. Students in Mrs. Chiquitucto’s class have begun to collaborate with one another and assist each other using the technology.