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NASA Spinoffs

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Junior High School students in Greg Hartranft’s technology classes incorporated English language arts with technology to research and present NASA spinoffs. NASA spin-off technologies are commercial products and services developed with the help of NASA.

Using Google Slides, students discussed who, what, where, when, why and how the original product was developed. They described how that product was "spun-off" to be used by the general public. Products such as cordless tools, MRI machines, firefighting equipment, smoke detectors, virtual reality, water filtration, invisible braces, freeze drying, memory (Tempur) foam, child car seats, and infrared ear thermometers were some the topics researched and presented.

In seventh-grade technology, students learn the basics of how computers work and how to access and utilize their Google drive accounts. Students also learn how to create and share Google Docs, spreadsheets and presentation slides.