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Marine Uses Mascot Costume to Surprise Brother

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It was no ordinary lesson on the world’s rain forests for South Bay third-grader Tristan Cabrera. He received a surprise visit from older brother, U.S. Marine Corporal David Cabrera, who has been stationed at Camp Pendleton, California for several months after a tour of duty in Iraq. Corporal Cabrera appeared in the classroom full of students wearing the West Babylon School District mascot costume and introduced as a “special guest.”   

After introducing the mascot, Ms. Brett asked Tristan to help the guest take off the head portion of the costume. Upon realizing his brother was inside, his kind gesture resulted in hugs and tears of gratitude.

‘The students have been studying the rain forests and the colorful birds that live there,” teacher Carol Brett explained. “I thought it would be a great surprise for Tristan to have his brother give an appearance in the bird outfit. It was also fun for the rest of the class.”   

During Corporal Cabrera’s visit, the students also had the opportunity to ask Corporal Cabrera about what it is like to be in the military and about his experiences oversees.