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Colorful Creation Delivers Powerful Message

Colorful Creation Delivers Powerful Message photo
First-graders in Lisa DeGennaro’s class at John F. Kennedy Elementary School worked together to celebrate the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In honor of Dr. King, the class read “The Crayon Box.” The students learned they are all unique like the colors in a crayon box, but when they work together they can do beautiful things. Students each created their own unique crayon with a message of peace, love and kindness.

Brain Challenge fun for kindergarten-fifth grade.

Holiday Kazoo Band

J.F.K. Holiday Kazoo Band greeting students as they enter the building for the last time before winter break.


Hands-On Learning During STEM Family Night

Hands-On Learning During STEM Family Night photo

The Senior High School’s Math & Science Honor Society, National Technology Honor Society, Robotics Club and the Science Club presented the third-annual Family STEM Night on Nov. 8.

Students in grades K-8, along with their families, were invited to the STEM event to enjoy hands-on activities including games, experiments, mini-labs and robotics demonstrations. 

The Math & Science Honor Society ran science and math activities on the third floor of the high school. With close to 30 different stations, students had plenty from which to choose including activities like “Taste the Rainbow,” “Slime Time,” “Strawberry DNA” and “M&M Survival.” Brookhaven National Laboratory conducted a microscope activity and Mad Science performed dry ice experiments with small groups of students. “Be An Einstein” station let students decorate their own lab coats to wear for all their STEM activities. 

In the technology wing, the National Technology Honor Society and Robotics Club showed off their robots, 3-D printers and printing pens, and woodworking capabilities. In the lobby, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County had a small pool with marine creatures in touch tanks for the students. All of the proceeds from the evening are used toward student scholarships. 

Mrs. Holahan's students discussing books in their non-fiction reading groups.

Mrs. Amarando's math students recite math facts while practicing wall sits and jumping jacks

Students Pen Letters to Veterans

Veterans Pic
Students in Lisa DeGennaro’s first-grade class at John F. Kennedy Elementary School wrote letters to veterans thanking them for their service and bravery. The letters are being delivered to the local American Legion Hall in West Babylon.