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Camp Invention 2018 Slideshow

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Santapogue’s Rock Garden Celebrates Uniqueness

Santapogue’s Rock Garden Celebrates Uniqueness photo

Throughout the school year, students and staff at Santapogue Elementary School worked on coloring their individual rocks for their new rock garden. The school was inspired by the lessons in the book “One You,” which stresses how everyone is unique, and that each of us have something to contribute to the world.

On June 21, the school celebrated with a ceremony for each student to lay their rocks in the garden. Each year, the new kindergartners will paint rocks to add to the garden.  

“There’s only one you in this great big world,” said Santapogue Principal Jennifer Carere. “Make it a better place. Not only are these stones a colorful addition to our school, they can serve as a daily reminder to students that no matter what, they’re special and that they have the power to change the world. This message is hugely powerful.”

More Than a Lesson in Writing

lesson photo
As part of their journalism class, West Babylon Senior High School students Georgia Evola and Rebecca Kennedy spent two months working on an article about Hilde Raimondi. Mrs, Raimondi, who grew up in Germany during World War II, worked as a custodian for 18 years in the district. The students sat down with Mrs. Raimondi for various interviews and went through a number of drafting and revision processes. Click here to read the finished article. 

Top Honors in Math League Contest

Top Honors in Math League Contest photo
Senior High School student Joseph Ronzetti won state recognition by winning second place in the New York Math League. As a team, West Babylon came in 15th place.  About 200 New York State schools and more than 1,000 students participated in the New York Math League. Students have 30 minutes to solve six problems with the aid of the calculator. There are six contests overall for the year. Ronzetti is pictured with Senior High School Principal Dr. Ellice Vassallo (left) and math teacher Christina Montalvo. 

Bench Dedication

Bench Dedication photo
Forest Avenue students and teachers dedicated a bench in memory of their teacher and colleague Mrs. Germano.  

Earth Day poster design takes first

Earth Day poster design takes first photo
Fifth-grader Nicole Olszewski from Forest Avenue Elementary School won first place in the 2018 Covanta Earth Day Poster Contest for her poster on “how to make a recycled squirrel feeder.” Nicole won a $500 Barnes & Noble gift card for her school and a Fire HD tablet for herself.

Fun in the Sun at JFK

Fun in the Sun at JFK photo

Students in Lisa DeGennaro’s first-grade class at John F. Kennedy Elementary School celebrated beach day in their classroom. Students worked from the comfort of their beach towels on summer-themed activities. They did a summer writing, a sun filled with describing words and a literacy lemonade. The first-graders also collected seashells, wrote beach pail math story problems and created a whale-shaped book filled with ocean facts while listening to beach music.

Junior High Artists Earn BACCA Honors

Junior High Artists Earn BACCA Honors photo

Five Junior High School eighth-graders earned honors in the spring Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts judged show. The district congratulates the following students: Olivia Price (left), second place; Cara Cirasole (second from right); third place and honorable mention winners Stephanie Curley (right), Michael Alexiadis (second from left) and Dianna Binning (not pictured).

Leadership Award Winners

Leadership Award Winners photo
West Babylon Senior High School students Britney Jahrmarkt and Rocco Longo recently received a New York State Youth Leadership Award Scholarship from Senator Boyle.

Students Recognized with Athlete of Year Awards

Students Recognized with Athlete of Year Awards photo
Senior High School students Grace Glennon and Michael McMahon celebrated their nominations for Athlete of the Year at the Butch Dellecave Foundation awards ceremony last month. The Butch Dellecave Foundation recognized the top Suffolk County senior male and female from each school who show excellence in athletics, academics and the community. The students are pictured with athletic director Lou Howard.

Tooker Teacher Honored

Tooker Teacher Honored photo
Lynn Gendron, fifth-grade teacher at Tooker Avenue Elementary School, was honored with a proclamation from Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory during the 2018 Teacher Appreciation Awards Night. She is pictured with Tooker Avenue Principal Charles Germano. 

Four Student-Actors Named BACCA Winners

Four Student-Actors Named BACCA Winners photo
During the Babylon Citizen’s Council of the Arts Teen Tony Awards, four West Babylon Senior High School student-actors were recognized for their roles in the school’s play “The Mystery of Edwin Drood.” The district congratulates the following winners: David Grant (outstanding performance by an actor in a leading role in a music); Colin Murray (outstanding performance by an actor in a supporting role in a musical); Mackenzie Grimes (outstanding performance by an actress in a featured role in a musical); and Danielle Del Orfano (outstanding vocal performance by a female in a musical). Each year, BACCA awards students in the Town of Babylon for outstanding performances in their high school theater productions. 

Tooker Students Get Hands-On with Dissection

Tooker Students Get Hands-On with Dissection photo

Third-graders in Christine Kozak’s class at Tooker Avenue Elementary School participated in an owl pellet dissection. The hands-on experiment allowed students to study food chains and food webs. The third-graders dissected animal bones of moles, shrews, rats and mice and constructed skeletons.

West Babylon Students Showcase Math Skills

West Babylon Students Showcase Math Skills photo
Ten sixth-graders from the Junior High School participated in the Mathematics Tournament by the Sea at Long Beach Middle School on May 18. Students were divided into teams and collectively solved challenging math problems. The district congratulates the following student participants: Cole Bricker, Matthew Cella, Conor Davis, Justin Jastrzebski, Kai Miller, Dylan Mulieri, Olivia Saitta, Cenahi Smith, Jack Tennant and Rosalin Watras. They are pictured with Junior High School teachers Frank Ging and Nicole Craig. 

West Babylon Takes First in Math Competition

West Babylon Takes First in Math Competition photo
Senior High School students Eric Donohue and Joseph Ronzetti won first place in their division and second in the nation in the Advanced Math Competitions. The Advanced Math Competitions consist of 25 multiple choice questions that students must solve in 30 minutes without the aid of the calculator. This year, 1,333 students participated from 74 schools from around the country. From left: Senior High School Principal Dr. Ellice Vassallo, Eric Donohue, Joseph Ronzetti and mathematics teacher Christina Montalvo.

Eagle Pride Soars During 2018 Graduation

Eagle Pride Soars During 2018 Graduation photo

West Babylon School District’s Class of 2018 celebrated their commencement exercises on the evening of June 22 on the football field of the Junior High School. Surrounded by friends, family, board of education members and district administrators, the students marched onto the field to “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Senior High School Principal Dr. Ellice Vassallo welcomed the students and audience to the ceremony. “This class has developed a balance artistically, musically, athletically and academically,” she said. “You have shown determination and you have started many new traditions. You have shown kindness, compassion and empathy for each other and the West Babylon community. You have surpassed our expectations and I hope and believe you will take what you have learned and improve the world.” 

After the band played “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America,” 2018 senior class president and valedictorian Eric Donohue addressed his classmates. “Remember how our class left their mark on the district and emulate that in your future endeavors,” he said. “Do something you love and be excited about leaving a small piece of yourself in your work.” During his valedictorian speech, Eric spoke to his classmates about failure. “Failure is an inevitable part of our lives and no matter what direction we decide, we should be ready to embrace it with open arms. Explore the road of failure because you can only learn from it.” 

During his salutatory address, Joseph Ronzetti offered words of inspiration. “The future of this class is very bright,” he said. “Our graduating class possesses many traits and talents. We are a class of athletes, musicians, actors and artists. These gifts and talents will allow this class to provide historic transformations to the world.”

Board of Education president Lucy Campasano spoke to the students about their accomplishments and all they have done for the community and school.  “You have risen to every standard and surpassed all of our goals and expectations,” she said. “You are the reason we love this community and country. It has been our pleasure to watch you. Sometimes to watch you succeed and perhaps a few times to be there when you failed. But always to watch you grow.” 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Yiendhy Farrelly commended the students for their leadership and character during their time in West Babylon. “I am truly honored to be standing here as your superintendent to celebrate the significant achievements that end a chapter in your life and start an exciting new one,” she said. “I’ve seen, heard and witnessed so many of your accomplishments. You have all been amazing leaders in our school. As you all walk out and begin a new chapter, I ask you to continue to be resilient. Continue to have a vision, a goal and a drive to pursue those goals.”

After a performance of the senior medley by the chorus, the band played the school’s song, “Like an Eagle.” Along with members of the board of education and district administrators, Dr. Vassallo presented the diplomas to each member of the Class of 2018. After moving their tassels, the graduates tossed their caps high in the air and were joined by family and friends on the field.  


Technology Students Test Their Rocket Power

Technology Students Test Their Rocket Power photo

Seventh-grade technology students at West Babylon Junior High School constructed soda bottle rockets while learning about the history of rocketry from the ancient Chinese to modern day inter-planetary space rockets. Students learned the science behind how all objects, including rockets, move on Earth and in space. Using technology, students transformed a soda bottle into a rocket and tested its launching abilities in the field outside the school on June 12. Custom fins, guidance tubes and transition cones were designed by students to create their own individual rockets. After launch, the students used mathematical formulas to calculate the altitudes their rockets were able to reach.

Click here to view a video

Donohue Earns Elks Scholarship

Donohue Earns Elks Scholarship photo
Senior High School student Eric Donohue has been named a national finalist of the Most Valuable Student Scholarship Program by the Elks National Foundation. Twenty students from across the county receive a scholarship of at least $20,000. 

ENF is a nonprofit organization that focuses on veteran aid, charity and investment in student education. After the initial application, several thousand students advance to the state finalist level and then 500 move on to the next level of regional finalist. The 500 regional finalists each receive an award of $4,000. From the 500 regional finalists, 10 males and 10 females are selected as national finalists and are invited to attend the Most Valuable Student Leadership Weekend in Chicago, Illinois, in late April. The finalists learn leadership skills, explore Chicago, and interview for the top national awards. 

Literacy Show

Literacy Show photo
On June 20, students in Ann Lauricella’s first grade class at South Bay Elementary School shared some of their best writing from the school year with their family members during a literacy show.

Senior Prom 2018

Having a Ball

On June 21, Forest Avenue Principal Patricia Acocella and Superintendent Dr. Yiendhy Farrelly joined students for a friendly game of soccer.

Relay for Life

Blue and Gold Breakfast Honors Top of the Class

Blue and Gold Breakfast Honors Top of the Class photo

West Babylon Senior High School’s top 25 students in the Class of 2018 were recognized during the inaugural Blue and Gold Breakfast with the Superintendent on June 12.

Hosted by School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Yiendhy Farrelly and joined by district administrators, students were invited to celebrate their accomplishments in the board of education room. The students were asked to choose a West Babylon staff member who has greatly impacted their educational career to join them as their guest for the breakfast.

“Kudos to all of you for being here,” said Dr. Farrelly. “I’m so proud of each and every one of you. Not only have you been in the top of your class, you have been actively engaged in so many aspects of our senior high school. I’m impressed by your leadership skills, your poise, your drive and by your ability to handle so much at the same time at such a high level.”

Each student was recognized and called to the stage to receive congratulations and a gift from the superintendent before gathering for a group photo with their classmates and invited guests. 

Maker Space Challenge

In the sixth-grade Maker Space challenge, students were given a “blind box” with generic objects and had to work as a team to create something that moves.

Battle of the Classes

Students enjoyed the 2nd day of Battle of the Classes! They did a football throw and kick, 50 and 100 yard dash, balloon and sponge relays, a gigantic puzzle, basketball throws, just dance and much more! 

Forest Avenue Kindergarten Literacy Ball

Kindergarten students at Forest Avenue celebrated their favorite authors and characters from books at their Literacy Ball.


Forest Avenue Field Day

Forest Avenue students had a great time participating in Field Day!