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Cut It Up Poetry

Laptop Learners

Laptop Learners photo
Forest Avenue fifth-grade students in Mrs. Wilken's class are enjoying using Chromebooks to help enhance their learning. They are working on Fastt Math to improve their knowledge and recall of the multiplication facts as well as Raz Kids to assist in developing reading fluency and comprehension.

Math Problem Solvers

First-graders in Erin Castelli’s class at South Bay learned some mathematical problem solving. The students were exploring addition problem-solving strategies to use when one of the two addends is “9.” The students discovered that by creating a “10” by borrowing “1” from the other addend, they are able to solve the number sentence much more easily.

October Points of Pride


Librarian Workshops

Librarian Workshops photo
All of the district’s librarians participated in the Western Suffolk BOCES school library seminar on Nov. 7 at Farmingdale Public Library. The librarians attended workshops on topics such as “Establishing a Makerspace,” “Poetry Slam Activities in Middle School and High Schools,” and “Appropriate Graphic Novels for Middle and High Schools."

Buddy Club Halloween Party

Word Play Wednesday

Who knew playing with words could be so much fun? Word Play Wednesdays challenges our Forest Avenue fifth-graders to increase their vocabulary skills. Through a variety of word games, including Bananagrams, Scrabble, Boggle and Story Cubes, students and school librarian Andrea Francisco compete against each other in word play.

The Great Pumpkin Challenge

The Great Pumpkin Challenge Pic

During Dr. Patricia Neville’s library classes at the Junior High School, students were challenged with building a structure out of candy pumpkins and toothpicks on Oct. 31. Working in small groups, the completed structure tested the weight of a small pumpkin.

Tokens of Appreciation for Board of Education

Board of Education Pic
The district acknowledged the commitment and dedication of its board of education prior to its meeting on Oct. 24. In celebration of New York State School Boards Recognition Week, members of the Board of Education were presented with certificates by the office of Suffolk County Leg. Kevin McCaffrey, Town of Babylon Councilman Antonio Martinez and Western Suffolk BOCES. Artwork from students throughout the district adorned the board workroom to show their appreciation. The Senior High School select string ensemble performed “Ashokan Farewell” before refreshments were served courtesy of the PTAs and PTA Council. 

Mapping Out a Plan

Mapping Out a Plan photo

Third-graders in Melanie DeLapi’s class at South Bay Elementary School recently engaged in a collaborative social studies project. The students are learning about landforms and are applying their knowledge to create three-dimensional landform maps using a variety of materials. The students collaborated in teams to plan their map and determine which materials would be used. After they are completed, the student teams will present their maps to the class.

Fun with MakerSpace

Young Artists at Library

Young Artists at Library
For the third consecutive year, the West Babylon Public Library and the West Babylon Junior High School art department are teaming up to exhibit talented young artists.  For November, Studio in Art students will be showing their creations that focus on the elements of art. Under the direction of  studio teacher Jennifer Tomeo and the collaboration and support of Azuree Agnello, director of teen programs for the West Babylon Public Library, these talented students have the opportunity to exhibit in a public forum.  

Sixth-Grader Takes Third in Local Veterans Contest

Sixth-Grader Takes Third in Local Veterans Contest photo
Sixth-grader Dahlia Lind in Rose Lyn Cipparulo’s English language arts class wrote an essay recognizing her grandfather as her Veterans Day hero as part of an essay contest run through the Town of Babylon. Lind was awarded third place and a $50 gift card and will be recognized at Town Hall on Nov. 3 at the Veterans Day Awareness Week event.

Fire Department Poster & Essay Winners

Walk to School Day

Nine Student-Musicians Shine as All-County

Nine Student-Musicians Shine as All-County
Nine Senior High School students have been selected to participate in the 2017 Suffolk County Music Educators Association’s All-County ensembles. These juniors and seniors were selected based on their New York State School Music Association scores in May 2017 and teacher recommendations.

The students will participate in three days of rehearsals with students from all other districts across Suffolk County and culminate with a concert on Nov. 17 at Hauppauge High School. The district congratulates the following All-County student-musicians: Jake Adams (band); Jason Arthur (chorus); Trent Boock (chorus); David Grant (chorus); Mackenzie Grimes (chorus); Matthew Lightsey (chorus); Christopher Pascual (chorus); Megan Reis (chorus); and Erin Wade (orchestra). 

Girls Cross-Country Takes Seventh in Suffolk

Girls Cross-Country Takes Seventh in Suffolk photo
Girls Cross-Country Takes Seventh in Suffolk photo 2
Girls Cross-Country Takes Seventh in Suffolk photo 3
Girls Cross-Country Takes Seventh in Suffolk photo 4
The girls cross-country team placed seventh overall in Suffolk County. At the Section XI State Qualifier Meet at Sunken Meadow, freshman Josephine Critchley placed fifth overall in the Class A race against Suffolk County’s strongest competition. With Sachem East qualifying as a team (7 total runners), the next five fastest individuals who aren't part of the qualifying team also advance to states. Among those five individual qualifiers, Josephine placed third, making her the first female cross-country runner to advance to the state meet in West Babylon history. She will travel to Wayne, New York to run against the best of New York State.

The team’s seventh place achievement was accomplished by Josephine Critchley (freshman), Ellie Downey (freshman), Kylie Magee (sophomore), Jamie Cozzi (sophomore), Natalie Haab (junior), Hannah Heller (junior) and Tara Hauff (senior).

Spooky Spider Lesson

Spooky Spider Lesson photo
Mrs. Ward and Ms. Mele's class at Tooker Avenue read "How Spider Saved Halloween" and followed up with a spider/hat activity. The class discussed that spiders have eight legs and they are arachnids.

Lessons in Native American History

Lessons in Native American History photo
As part of their study of Native Americans in social studies class, seventh-grade students in Faye Lynch’s class recently made their version of Iroquois false face masks.

Lessons in Fire Safety

Students in Heather Paganica’s third-grade class at Tooker Avenue had a visit from a volunteer firefighter who taught them about fire safety. The students learned about making an escape plan in case of fire, how to get down low on the floor to avoid smoke inhalation and how to escape a room safely, among many other safety rules. The students received helmets and a coloring book.

Forest Avenue's Third Grade STEM Project

Third graders in Mrs. Massmann and Ms. Shaw's class participated in a STEM project this Halloween! Students were asked to create the tallest thing that they could by only using candy pumpkins and toothpicks. In groups of three, the students worked collaboratively, and persevered to accomplish the task. After all of their hard work, one group was able to create a tower that stood 22" tall! After completing the activity, the class held a discussion to see what methods worked best on the project, and how they were able to work together as a group. It was a fun learning experience for all.


Tech-Savvy Students

Tech-Savvy Students photo
South Bay kindergarten students in Mrs. Chiquitucto’s class are practicing writing and illustrating on their new touchscreen Chromebooks.

A Perfect Pumpkin Lesson

A Perfect Pumpkin Lesson photo
Third-graders in Heather Paganica’s class at Tooker Avenue Elementary School had fun learning with pumpkins. After picking out their orange gourd at the PTA-sponsored pumpkin patch, the students engaged in different science and math lessons. They observed their pumpkins and wrote their characteristics on a data sheet. Next, they measured the circumference and height of their fall festive fruit and recorded any unique markings they found. Finally, the students drew a picture of their pumpkins and shared their findings with one another. 

Cross-Curricular Maps

West Babylon Oct. Feature photo
West Babylon Oct. Feature photo 2
As one of the district’s curricular goals, the entire West Babylon teaching community worked on creating K-5 cross-curricular maps related to all the units of study for social studies, reading/writing, math, and science. Cross-curricular mapping is a method of organizing the units taught during an academic year which focuses on tying key ideas and concepts across different academic units of study.

According to Scott Payne, executive director of curriculum and instruction, these maps provide consistency across all five of the district’s elementary schools by grade, encouraging communication, collaborative planning, and pacing of instruction. Cross-curricular maps also allow students to build upon information from grade to grade. The district’s strong curriculum reflects the New York State Standards and the needs of the West Babylon students. 

It is the district’s goal that all teachers use these cross-curricular maps in every subject area. Speech teachers, ENL teachers, special education teachers, art, music, library and physical education teacher can use the common language on the maps to plan their own programs, Payne added. Most importantly, parents and students are strongly encouraged to interact with these maps at home and at school. Students are more likely to become lifelong learners when they are taught to transfer knowledge and skills across disciplines.

As the district continues  the school year with the new six-day rotating elementary schedule, K-5 students have increased time in physical education and in specials. The district has refined its intervention services for all children and has created time in the school day for enrichment and extension activities for students all while giving classroom teachers more time to plan and share together. “It is our hope that academic tools, like our K-5 cross-curricular maps, along with our new schedule, allow students, parents and teachers to work together to provide the best possible learning environment in all our schools,” Payne said. 

Fun with MakerSpace

Students in Mrs. Robinson¹s library class at the JHS are having fun with MakerSpace activities.

Fall Fun Day

Students in Mrs. Ross' 4th grade class at South Bay enjoying some STEM activities at their Fall Fun Day celebration.

Top Writers

Top Writers Pic
Top Writers Pic 2
Top Writers Pic 3
Congratulations to JHS students Carley Kuhn and Justin Stark, who were named the top authors by their peers in Mrs. Groel¹s Read 180 class.

Forest Avenue Fall Festival

Forest Avenue student's enjoyed dressing up in their Halloween costumes, making crafts, and admiring each classes' decorated pumpkins at the 2017 Forest Avenue Fall Festival.

JFK Halloween 2017

PSEG Long Island Energized Guyz Assembly.

PSEG Long Island partnered with The National Theatre for Children (NTC) to bring energy efficiency education to Forest Avenue Elementary School on Friday. This innovative program provides students and teachers the opportunity to learn about energy conservation.

Parachuting in PE at Forest is Phenomenal

Forest Avenue student's enjoyed parachuting in gym, thanks to Coach Rayola, Coach Hilbert, and Coach Torres.

Durbin Named Master Teacher

Durbin Named Master Teacher photo
Senior High School educator Andrea Durbin has been named a Master Teacher as part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s New York State Master Teacher Program. Durbin, who has been a science teacher in the district for the past 15 years, joins the 908 educators across New York State who teach science, technology, engineering, and math courses including advanced placement, honors, Regents and International Baccalaureate levels. 

All Master Teachers are active beyond their classrooms, serving as curriculum department leaders or on district committees. The Master Teachers hold leadership roles in New York State STEM professional associations, and many have received awards and public recognition for their teaching from their peers and communities.

During their four-year participation in the program, Master Teachers receive a $15,000 stipend annually; engage in peer mentoring and intensive content-oriented professional development opportunities throughout the academic year; work closely with pre-service and early career teachers to foster a supportive environment for the next generation of STEM teachers; and attend required regional cohort meetings, participate in and lead several professional development sessions each year.

Eagle Eyes Halloween Party

Hip Pickles

pickles image
The award-winning musical group Hip Pickles entertained students at JFK on October 27. The performance was made possible thanks to the generosity of the PTA’s cultural arts committee. The students and teachers had a wonderful time, with many of them playing a variety of instruments as part of the show.

Pledging to Stay Drug Free

Pledging to Stay Drug Free photo

Students and staff at the Junior High School kicked off Red Ribbon Week on Oct. 23 by dressing all in red. During their lunch period, students signed a banner and pledged to stay drug free.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week photo
As part of Red Ribbon Week, students were asked to dress up for "what you dream of being when you grow up.” Pictured is Mrs. Fitzgerald’s first-grade class.

Mathematical Planets

Students in eighth-grade Math Applications are creating their own planets based off of the actual planets. They are comparing and contrasting their planets with actual planets using operations of numbers in scientific notation.

Big Wins at BACCA

Big Wins at BACCA photo
Three Junior High School eighth-graders were recently recognized for their exceptional photography skills. The students took top honors in the Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts Photography and Sculpture judged show. 

The district congratulates Luca Haas (second place), Michael Alexiadis (third place) and Stephanie Curley (honorable mention).

Powerful Endings

Powerful Endings photo

Second and third grade students in Mrs. DeCarlo’s class at South Bay are working hard on writing powerful endings for their personal narratives. The students practiced three types of endings – one that “reflects" on the events in the narrative; one that includes "big feelings" about the events in the narrative; and one that is a "cliff hanger" and leaves the reader wanting more. Next, the students will evaluate their three endings and choose the one they like the best to conclude their narratives, which will be shared at a celebration at the end of the week.

Young Archaeologists

Young Archaeologists photo

Students in Cluster 3 used google slide and google classroom to work inteams on a archaeologist research project.


Red Ribbon Day Ceremony

On Monday, students and staff at Forest Avenue and Tooker Avenue schools joined together to celebrate Red Ribbon Day.

All State Honorees

All State Honorees photo
All State Honorees photo 2
Congratulations to the All-State honorees Daria Delmonico, Eric Donahue and and Rebecca Hertel, who were recognized in a ceremony on Oct. 20.

College Dean Schools West Babylon Business Students

College Dean Schools West Babylon Business Students photo
College Dean Schools West Babylon Business Students photo 2
Molloy College Dean Stephen Bier visited the Senior High School on Oct. 16 to share his thoughts and experiences with business students. 

More than 100 students participated in the lectures, which also included Casey Mann from Molloy College’s business division and Louis Mazza, a West Babylon Class of 2017 graduate and current accounting major at Molloy College. The discussions centered on choosing a college, the job market and starting salaries and internships. 

Searching for Evidence

Cluster 3 students in Jillian DiPreta’s sixth grade social studies classes searched for evidence to prove and disprove the quote, “It will never be possible to know how the world became settled” as part of their Neolithic revolution unit.

Red Ribbon Week

A Tough Egg to Crack

A Tough Egg to Crack photo

As part of their study of force and inertia, fourth-graders in Mr. Egan’s class at South Bay Elementary School recently participated in a science/engineering challenge. Working collaboratively, the students were tasked with designing, constructing and crash testing a container that can protect a raw egg from cracking when it was dropped from a 2-meter height. Students learned how to work together while testing the flaws in their different designs.


A Look at Our HS Marching Band

A Look at Our HS Marching Band photo

Eighth-Grade Scientists

Cultural Arts PTA Assembly on Fire Safety

Forest Avenue students learned all about fire safety during a presentation given by the West Babylon Volunteer Fire Department.

Students Pen Essays for Hero Veterans

Students Pen Essays for Hero Veterans photo
Sixth-grade students in Rose Lyn Cipparulo’s English language arts class at the junior high school recently wrote essays in recognition of Veterans Day. The topic for the essay was themed “My Hero: A Veteran Who I Admire.”

Celebrating Homecoming


It was a fun-filled day as the district and community celebrated homecoming on Oct. 7. Check out our video featuring highlights of the day’s events.

School Pride Shines During Homecoming Celebrations

Homecoming Celebrations Pic

It was a weekend full of festivities as the district celebrated its homecoming on Oct. 7. Starting with a pep rally at the Senior High School on Oct. 6 and ending with a homecoming dance on the evening of Oct. 7, the district and community came together to show their West Babylon pride.

The homecoming parade kicked off the events on Saturday, beginning in the business sector of Little East Neck Road and marching down to the Junior High School’s turf field. The parade featured a class float done collectively as a school this year, as well as clubs and organizations, elementary school students and administrators, sports teams and members of the homecoming court.

Prior to the game, senior athletes from the football and cheerleading teams, along with their parents, took to the field to be recognized by the crowd. The marching band performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” before the Eagles took on the Kings Park Kingsmen. The Eagles scored a touchdown in the first minute of the game, giving them an early lead. West Babylon used that momentum and dominated for the rest of the game, defeating Kings Park 34-21. The halftime show featured performances by the marching band and varsity cheerleaders. 

Following the game, the homecoming dance welcomed more than 650 students. Baylee Napolitano and Marc Esposito were crowned the homecoming queen and king, respectively. 

Field Hockey Sports Pink

Field Hockey Sports Pink photo
Field Hockey Sports Pink photo 2
Dressed in pink, the varsity and junior varsity field hockey teams participated in Suffolk County’s inaugural Field Hockey Breast Cancer Tournament on Oct. 1 at Veterans Park Complex in Northport. Schools from throughout Suffolk came together to help raise money for the cause. West Babylon will be hosting their own breast cancer field hockey fundraiser during their home game against Southampton on Oct. 10 at 4:30 p.m.

West Babylon Students Recognized as AP Scholars

AP Scholars Pic

Seventy-four West Babylon Senior High School students and Class of 2017 graduates have been recognized by the College Board as Advanced Placement Scholars for exceptional achievement on the May 2017 national exams.

• Forty-six students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by receiving a 3 or higher on three or more exams.

• Six students – senior Robert Aguanno, junior Jade Ung and Class of 2017 graduates Megan Bardis, Thomas Illiou, Kassandra Sherwood and Jordan Zinke – received the AP Scholar with Honor Award by earning an average grade of 3.25 on all AP exams taken and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of those exams.

• Twenty students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and grades of 4 or higher on five or more of these exams. 

• In addition, Class of 2017 graduates Conor Burbige and Eric Froehlich received the highest designation of National AP Scholar by earning an average grade of 4 or higher on all AP exams taken and grades of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams. 

AP courses completed with a score of 3 or higher on the final exam afford students the opportunity to earn college credit. For a listing of AP Scholars, please click here: 


Cross-Country Captures Wins

Cross-Country Captures Wins photo
Cross-Country Captures Wins photo 2
Cross-Country Captures Wins photo 3
The girls and boys cross-country teams competed at Sunken Meadow on Oct. 2. The girls cross-country team ended their undefeated League Championship season by defeating Eastport for the title.

The boys team completed an amazing turnaround year.  After two years without a win, they completed their league season at 4-2 by defeating both Hills West and Deer Park. 

Forest Avenue Walk to School Day

On October 4th, Forest Avenue students enjoyed the wonderful fall weather as they walked to school with their principal, teachers, and parents.

October 4, 2017 Walk To School Day

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning photo
During the first few weeks of school, fifth-grade students in Therese Miccio’s class at Forest Avenue Elementary School are enjoying working collaboratively on an ancient civilization project. Students are sharing their thoughts and ideas to elaborate on their writing.

Lessons on Meso-American civilizations

Fifth grade students working on problem and solution cards during our social studies lessons on Meso-American civilizations.

First Week of School


September has been a busy month so far in West Babylon. Watch this video to catch some of the highlights from the first weeks of school.

Varsity Boys Cross-Country Team

The varsity boys cross-county team defeated Bellport 25-30 during their meet at Sunken Meadow Park on Sept. 26. Spencer Milito took third followed by the Eagle pack of Calvin Rivera, Eddie Bruner, Lucas Greengold and Adam Lindner. Those Eagles made the difference in the meet.

Beyond the scorers, 15 Eagles ran personal best times for the season. It was an incredible display of talent by West Babylon’s team. Alex Brodmerkel, Luke Hauff, Kyle Adams, and Dylan Burks all raced under 18 minutes over the hilly 2.8-mile course. Jonathan Lima, Kacper Tworogowski, and Vincent Berger took more than a minute off their time from last week, and Albert Zinser and Jonathan Buchner took more than 2 minutes off their times.

‘Treasuring’ New Friendships

‘Treasuring’ New Friendships Pic
Second-grade students in Mrs. Steffens’ and Mrs. Dewhirst’s classes at John F. Kennedy Elementary School created treasure boxes as a way of getting to know each other during the first weeks of school. The two classes joined together to decorate the boxes and then presented the treasures to each other. After reading a book about a treasure chest, the two teachers also shared their treasure chests so the students could get to know their teachers better.

Tooker Avenue Gets High Marks from Junior Achievement

Tooker Avenue Gets High Marks from Junior Achievement photo
Tooker Avenue Gets High Marks from Junior Achievement photo 2
Tooker Avenue Elementary School has been awarded gold partnership status for the 2017-2018 school year by Junior Achievement of New York. 

In the 2016-2017 school year, Junior Achievement of New York volunteers delivered financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness programming to more than 85,000 students in New York City, Long Island and lower Hudson Valley. Based on Tooker Avenue’s work with Junior Achievement of New York, the schools received the highest level of recognition.