What You Can Do to Help Your Child at Home

1.  Each day ask your child what he/she did that day in school.

2.  Each day ask to see your child’s papers and notices from school.

3.  Have a quiet time each day when the children sit down to do their homework.

4.  Make sure your child gets proper rest so he or she can function at school.

5.  You take charge of the TV and decide what your children will watch.

6.  Use the newspaper and magazines with your child.

7.  Each child needs a place to call his or her own, a place to keep his/her things.

8.  All things for school should be assembled the night before.

9.  Your child should leave for school in a good frame of mind.

  • Breakfast!
  • Routine
  • Notes to school written beforehand

10.  Come to school as often as possible!

From School Power, by Dr. James Comer. Excerpted from Character Education Informational Handbook & Guide, Public Schools of North Carolina, Department of Education, 2002.