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Character Education Student Recognition Program

The Tooker Avenue Character Education Program is something that we take very seriously at our school. It is our goal for all of the students to exhibit good character on a daily basis. We start off each morning with an
inspirational/thought-provoking message that the principal reads over the PA system. This message is created by Project Wisdom and is designed to help our students learn to make better choices in their daily lives, and also to treat others with respect. We focus on one theme per month, and they are listed below:

*September - Responsibility
*October - Trustworthiness
*November - Citizenship
*December - Caring
*January - Fairness
*February - Respect
*March - Respect
*April - Trustworthiness
*May - Caring
*June - Citizenship

This year, we will be presenting a Character Education award to one member of each class at the Tooker Avenue School. This award will be given out each month at our PTA meetings. Students receive this award based on nominations they get from staff members in the building. Any staff member who works in our school can nominate a student. In 4th and 5th grade, the students are also allowed to make nominations for their classmates.

It is our hope that this program will raise awareness about Character Education in our school and greatly reduce the incidents of bullying and/or harassment. We simply do not tolerate these types of behaviors at Tooker, and to accomplish this we need the support of all students, parents, and staff.




February 2018 Character Education Award Winners

Sebastian Mornak, Emily Blair, Chloe Becci, Christian Norris, Alex King, Shea Sackman, Joscelyn Boquin, Chris Ramos, Melanie Jastrzebski, Joshua Gomez, Jennise Gomez, Catherin Rodriguez, Nevaeh McKenzie, Nalleli Guzman, Michael Brodd, Kevin Hernandez and Lydia Geese

January 2018 Character Education Award Winners

january character award image

Ronnie Tischler, Lilly Rossando, Riley Ramirez, Briana Paz-Andrade, James Davolio,
Heyzel Gutierrez, Lily Rueda (not in photo), Jayleen Gomez, Jalen Campbell,
Erica Paragna, Max Mueck, Hailey Tischler, Michael Crevoiserat, Halina Contreras,
Daniel Alvarado and Paul Abramchuk

November/December 2017 Character Education Winners

Danielle Morra, Jaiden Carnivale (not pictured), Alex Dorsey, Kaitlyn Mancuso (not pictured), Meghan Schwartz, Kaylee Harder (not pictured), Kaylin Satnick, Carlina DeMartino,
Leslie Martinez, Kaden LaVecchia, Sean Sesack, Natalie Diaz, Lauren Johnston, Rene Guzman, Sean Austin and Ashley Wansor 


October 2017 Character Education Award Winners


Lylah Nunez (not pictured), Evelyn Machtel, Jayson Pensabene, Joshua LoJan, Arjuna Kirupakaran, Adrianna Dunsmore, Michelle Cardenas, Lorelai Transeau, Sara Jakubisiak, Sophia Salanitri, Billy Lewis, Ashley Mejia, Daniel Huang, Nalleli Guzman-Gutierrez, Arriana Demaio, Ethan Reina and Brianna Becci


September 2017 Character Education Award Winners

character education image

Emma Reusch, Guinevere Ye, Briana Padovano, Vincent LaFragola, Alexa Anderson, Bradyn Lewis, Jahavi Reyes, Christian Bustamante, Aislinn Lampasso, Daira Navarro, Anthoy Mastrangelo,
Sarah Medina, Lindsey Kutchens, Olivia Machtell, Delmis Sanchez and Rosie Chiofalo

June 2017 Character Education Award Winners

​Alexis Zeller, Melinda Chen, Alex King, Heycel Gutierrez Herrera, Kaylin Satnick (not in picture), Joscelyn Boquin, Amir Ghabra, Samantha Goodman, Hailey Tischler, Matthew Lottman,
Zehra Bodur, Olivia Machtel, Dominick Gagnon & Dominick Orlando


May 2017 Character Education Award Winners

​Tyler McDermid, Mia Mueck, Casondra Sass, Alexa Anderson, Lillian Rueda (not in picture),
Aiden Kulp, Dekmis Sanchez (not in picture), Elizabeth Lopez, Abby Serigano, Kara Bova,
Thomas Raccomandato, Thomas Cafaro, Ashley Wansor & Michael Brodd


April 2017 Character Education Award Winners

april character ed image

D'Stefano Maldonado, Amelia Berkey, Kiana Brooks, Natalie Machtel, Othaniel Gaxiola,
Kamila Grisales, Dylan Bohrer, Anthony Appel, Kaden LaVecchia, Danial Huang, Mason D'Albora,
Dahlia Lind, Noah Bilello, Tamarion Stukes, Ashley Lopez and Arriana DeMaio

February 2017 Character Education Award Winners

character march image

Ryleigh Drago, Emmanual Paragna, Meghan Schwartz, Mallory Bilello, Avery Magee,
Michelle Cardenas, Saad Syed, MacKenzy Lewis, Kairi Lopez, Camila Palacio, Isabella Mirasoli,
Alma Gaxiola, Kaitlyn Zambrana, James Ambra, Michael Jacob, Daniel Alvarado & Halina Contreras

February 2017 Character Education Award Winners

character education image feb17

Alexander Dorsey, Nina Milani, Christos Spirou, Shea Sackman, Chris Ramos,
Christian Bustamonte, Malahny Davis, Valery Ordonez, Erica Paragna, Sarah Medina,
Brookelyn Flanagan, Alex Goicochea, Sophia Mallahan, Momar Gueye, Michael Martinez, Samantha Serrano and Kevin Hernandez

January 2017 Character Education Award Winners

Riley Ramirez, Mia Mueck, Casondra Sass, Thalia Goss, James Descalzo, Riley Pokorny,
Anthony Mastrangelo, Ashely Odar, Alysha Acosta, Lauren Johnston, Michael Crevoiserat,
Dahila Lind, Kira Fogarty, Momar Gueye, Olivia Machtel, Sean Austin and Daniel Alvarado 


November/December 2016 Characer Ed Award Recipients

​The winners are:
Jayson Pensabene, Giuliana Gnip, James Davolio IV, Thalia Goss, Claire Devane,
Carlina DeMartino, Bilge Bodur, Brandon Pensabene, Samantha Goodman, Nina Gerbasio,
Erin Slavens, Jaclyn Morra, Luis Salazar Marino, Momar Gueye, Rosie Chiofalo,
Aiden Rodriguez (not pictured) and N'Riyah Price.


October 2016 Character Education Award Recipients

​The winners are:
Daron Spencer, Vincent LaFragola, Kaylee Harder, Grace Leary, Avery Magee (not in photo),
Lorelai Transeau, Kathwerine Antonetti, Leslie Martinez, Max Mueck, Daisy Adams,
Lindsey Kutchens, Alex Goicochea, Sophia Mallahan, Tyler Pantuliano, James Petrillo,
Nalleli Guzman-Gutierrez, Paul Abramchuk, and Lauren Johnston


September 2016 Character Education Award Recipients

The winners are:
Kaityln Mancuso, Samantha Seitz, Jaelyn Burgess, Kassidy Maynard, Lia DeGennaro,
Jahavi Reyes, Nico Milani, Aislinn Lampasoo, Melanie Kastrzebski, Anthony Gerbasio,
Catherin Rodriguez, Lauren Kutchens, Lira Fogarty, Joshua Rodriguez-Torres, Ethan Reina,
Angela Roldan (not in picture), Arriana Demaio and Victoria Adamidis.