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Guidance Department

Course Offerings and Descriptions

This Course Offering Guide gives a comprehensive overview of course selections, appropriate options and graduation requirements that will help you prepare for the coming school year.  It is important for students and parents to familiarize themselves with the wide selection of courses available, the state mandated graduation requirements, and the required regents examinations that must be fulfilled in order to graduate.  It is crucial that you develop an academic plan that is challenging and follow it throughout your high school career. A strong plan begins with regular school attendance, commitment toward your studies, and involvement in after school activities and related events.  You must plan carefully to meet your individual needs, as well as complete the required courses for graduation.

Please pay special attention to the graduation requirements listed on Page 3. This section will provide a clear picture of the changes that are now in place at the local and state levels.

Also listed are the Advanced Placement courses and classes offered for college credit.  All of the AP Courses offered, as well as the teachers, have received approval from College Board.

Your high school years are the building blocks toward a rewarding career. Build a strong foundation while at West Babylon and the possibilities for your future are endless.