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Varsity Football





All County

All County Recipients have a plaque on the wall in the High School located outside the Team Room… 

2010 - Reggie Robinson
2010 - Michael Richardson
2009 - Michael Richardson
2009 - Andrew Smith
2008 - David Williams
2007 - Anthony Melhado
2006 - Eric Jarvis
2005 - Eric Romanchuk
2004 - Alton Lucas
2004 - Kevin Hennessy
2004 - Dan Viera
2004 - Dan Fennessey
2004 - Jovan Belcher
2003 - Jovan Belcher
2003 - Charles Broomfield
2003 - Tim O’Callaghan
2002 - Anthony Vita
2000 - Kyle Smith
2000 - Terry McMullen
1999 - Mike McGrorty
1999 - Mike Iacono
1999 - Frank Lecesse
1999 - Ray Vutrano
1998 - Tim Smith
1998 - Terrance Turner
1998 - Robert Sandora
1997 - Robert Sandora
1997 - Ken Walsh
1997 - Matt Murphy
1996 - Steven Vutrano
1995 - Solomon Baker
1994 - Seth Diamond
1993 - Andrew Torre
1993 - Kevin Delaney
1993 - Justin Davies
1992 - Kevin Pollack
1991 - Kevin Pollack
1991 - Matt Ezelius
1990 - John Rabaglia
1989 - Matt Carolan
1988 - Nick Delapi
1988 - Davin Miles
1987 - Eugene Scarano
1986 - John Murray
1985 - Bob Burden
1985 - Jonathan Reese
1984 - Jonathan Reese
1984 - Richie Frie
1984 - Rich Martignetti
1983 - Eric Durant
1983 - Tim Wichmann
1982 - Tim Wichmann
1981 - Jim Lidowski
1980 - Jim Lidowski
1980 - Anthony Paparello
1979 - Jeff Lidowski
1978 - Kevin Dillon
1977 - Willis Miles
1977 - Frank Cecere
1976 - Jess Ferrara
1974 - Mike Naglieri
1974 - Robert Dooley
1973 - Robert Dooley
1972 - James Clark
1964 - Ralph Lee
1964 - Steve Harrington
1963 - Bruce Levin
1963 - Gene Cichanowitz
1962 - Ben Reyes
1961 - Jeff Fallon
1961 - Phil Bassi
1960 - Len Sears
1959 - Bob Devaul
1958 - Bob Devaul
1958 - Dom Sommese
1958 - Dave Fredericks
1957 - Dave Fredericks
1957 - Bob Devaul
1956 - Len Fonville

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All Long Island

All Long Island Recipients have a plaque on the wall in the High School located outside the Team Room…

2010 - Michael Richardson - Defensive Back
2005 - Eric Romanchuk - Quarterback
2004 - Alton Lucas - All Purpose
2004 - Kevin Hennessy - Quarterback
2004 - Jovan Belcher - Linebacker
1999 - Mike McGrorty - Offensive Line
1998 - Terrance Turner - Wide Receiver
1988 - Davin Miles - Defensive End
1985 - Jonathan Reese - Linebacker
1984 - Rich Martignetti - Offensive Line
1981 - Jim Lidowski - Defensive Back
1974 - Bob Dooley - Running Back

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Coaching Staff





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Head Coaches

​Scoreboard located on the Game Field at West Babylon Jr. High School…

Varsity Head Coaches
Wilbur Legerlotz
Roger Ouderkirk
Angelo LoCicero
Herbert Hemmindinger
Richard Krumholtz
Robert Ziegler
Ron Langella
Albert J. Ritacco Jr
Nick Martone

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History of WB Football

Eagle Head which was painted by former WB graduate, and football coach Mr. James Fulton.  Located on the tower at the Game Field…

“The Past Builds Tradition”

1956 saw the inception of West Babylon’s Varsity football program.  It was also about this time that the districts rapidly growing student population necessitated the switch from a K-9 academic program to a complete K-12 scholastic program.  (9th grade graduates would routinely go to the Babylon School district to complete their secondary school education.  One year these students attended Amityville High School).

Wilbur Legerlotz was the districts first athletic director and football coach.  As he was a graduate of Babylon High School, he asked Babylon’s Athletic Director (and friend) Walt Williams if it was possible to “find” enough uniforms to outfit 20 or 25 eager young athletes.  The answer, of course, was an emphatic “I’ll do anything to help!”

The “old” Main School, which was located on the site of the current Holiday Square Apartments on Great East Neck Road, was home to the 1956 Eagles football team.  It is interestingly to note this team was comprised mainly of sophomores and juniors.  West Babylon lost the opening game in its history to Seton Hall – away – (and no longer in existence!) 40 to 6.  The final game of the ’56 season saw the Eagles prevail at home on a very wet and muddy field against Sayville – 12 to 0!  Season’s record 1 – 7!

Coach Legerlotz had Matt Wilensky as his assistant for the team’s first varsity season.  “Legs” as he was affectionately known turned over the reigns of the 1957 team to Roger “Dutch” Ouderkirk – who had as his assistants: Matt Wilensky, Paul O’Brien and Al “Doc” Ritacco, father of the current Eagle football coach.  West Babylon graduated its first senior class in June of 1958.

West Babylon – the schools and the community began growing at a furious rate.  It seems that a new building opened every other year.  Finally, the district comprised of six elementary schools, one (junior) middle school and lastly the High School.  When the 1957 season began, the Junior High School athletic field had not been completed!  Every game that year was played away.  The schedule was bore rigorous and exhausting: East Hampton, West Huntington, South Hampton, Riverhead, Greenport, Smithtown, and Patchogue!

As the years flew by, success, pride, along with tradition and school loyalty became an integral part of the West Babylon scene.  The Eagles have played a large majority of Suffolk County schools and several Nassau County schools as well.  All schools would agree, I’m sure, that an Eagle player is a composite of strength, tenacity, and devotion and with total knowledge of the game.

It should be known the 1964 squad coached by Dutch Ouderkirk, the 1974 team coached by Richard Krumholtz, the 1998 team coached by Ronald Langella and, of course, the 2004 squad (only undefeated team in schools history) under the direction of Al Ritacco Jr. won divisional Titles.

By Matt Wilensky
(The man the Game Field is named after and also former: Superintendent of Schools, English Teacher, Class Advisor, and Football Coach)

A Tribute to the 2004 Team (Class of ’05)
I ask you to look back to our 2004 football team, a season where many positive and many thrilling moments occurred.  Two great come from behind victories, probably one of the finest high school football games up to this point against North Babylon at North Babylon.  Down 19 – 0 in the third quarter, the Eagles came back to win 29 – 27.  What a thrill as the seconds ticked away, to see so many people take part in that victory.  Then who could forget the come from behind victory against Riverhead on 11/13/04, a home playoff game.  Once again the Eagles did not quit, the final score 37 – 20 earmarked their entire season.

This team not only had the capability to score, it had an innate ability of finding a way to win, of not quitting or pointing the finer at one another.  The team stuck “TOGETHER” and earned “RESPECT” of so many.  The character, intensity and leadership rests within the captains of this year’s team: Alton Lucas, Kevin Hennessy, Jovan Belcher, and Dan Viera.  Their leadership was not one of commanding a player to do this or that, it was one of follow me, I will do what you do and we will win “TOGETHER”.  As a coach I cannot tell you how proud I was of this team or how much it hurt to lose to North Babylon at Stony Brook University in the semi-final playoff game.  But that is life and like life, nothing comes easy and anything worth striving for comes with hard work.  These players worked hard in the off-season; weight room, pre-season summer camp and throughout the regular season.  They gave me and you something to not only to be proud of but something to watch on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon.

I personally thank this team for everything they have done for me and for our high school and our community.  It goes without saying I truly enjoyed the time I have spent with this team.  53 players from start to finish, willing and able to achieve something that was never done at this school.  An undefeated varsity football team, with Two All Long Island Players, One All Long Island Team Two Player, Five All County Players, Nine All Division Team One Players, Four All Division Team Two Players, One All Academic Player, One Boomer Award Winner, and One MVP Player in our semi-final playoff game.

“Saying goodbye to the Class of 2005 is not an easy task.  You see, your spirit, has driven me for four years.  I will miss the conversations on and off the field.  Yes, your accomplishments are many!  But it’s your character and respect for the game that I shall cherish!  As you walk up and receive your High School Diploma on Mathew Wilensky Field in June of 2005, I ask you to look at the scoreboard and to the tower, understand that you have left a lasting impression on many people.”

Remember; “Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the fellow who thinks he can.”  “Excel and you shall have known purpose, loyalty, and honor.”  Why because “ONCE AN EAGLE…ALWAYS AN EAGLE.”

Coach Ratt
Al Ritacco Jr.

Scoreboard after each game in ‘04…

9/18/04: @ Bellport - WIN: 29-14             
9/23/04: @ Riverhead - WIN: 35-14
10/1/04: vs. Centereach -  WIN: 14-0
10/9/04: @ North Babylon - WIN: 29-27
10/16/04: @ Bay Shore - WIN: 33-7
10/23/04: vs. West Islip - WIN: 21-7 - HOMECOMING ‘04
10/30/04: vs. East Islip - WIN: 14-6
11/5/04: vs. Newfield - WIN: 57-33
11/13/04: vs. Riverhead - WIN: 37-20 - Playoffs Round 1
11/20/04: vs. North Babylon - 22-23 - Suffolk County Championship @ Stony Brook University

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History of WB School and Town

Courtyard located at the High School…

Your School District
The School District of West Babylon extends from the Great South Bay on the south to just beyond the Southern State Parkway on the north, the community of Lindenhurst to the west and the Village of Babylon to the east.  There are five elementary schools in the district, as well as one junior high school and one high school.

Approximately 4,600 students are in attendance in the district’s seven schools.  Over 750 people are employed in teaching and in supplying the necessary services required to educate the young people of West Babylon.

In the earliest beginnings of West Babylon, American poet Walt Whitman taught school in the winter of 1836-37, in a tiny schoolhouse said to have been on the north side of Montauk Highway, east of Great East Neck Road.  His parents, Walter and Louisa Van Velsor Whitman, had a farm a few yards away where the Great South Bay Shopping Center is now.

The southern end of Huntington Town was established as Babylon Town in 1872.  The first West Babylon school was built in 1880.  Thirty-five students attended a one-story wood frame building on Old Country Road.  The year 1890 saw the competition of a building designed to educate the children of parents who worked on the Belmont Estate, (this building was closed in the school year 1906-07; it later caught fire and burned to the ground).  Other district schools were located on the corner of Elmwood and Farmingdale Roads (Route 109).  The front entrance had two doors; one for boys and one for girls.  This building served as the only school in West Babylon until 1907 when it was replaced by a two-story cement block building on the west side of Great East Neck Road adjacent to the present site of Carousel School.  The Main School was completed in 1930.  Robert Moses participated in the cornerstone laying ceremony of the Santapogue School in the fall of 1951, the school opened in 1952.  South Bay opened in 1953, Forest Avenue in 1956, the Junior High School in 1957, The High School in 1958, Tooker Avenue in 1962, and John F. Kennedy in 1965.

For many years, upon completion of ninth grade, West Babylon students attended Babylon High School to continue their secondary education.  However, because Babylon High School could no longer accept our many students, it was necessary in the fall of 1954 to send one class to Amityville High School.  Our own complete secondary program began with the addition of grade 10 in 1955.

Windmill located at the corner of Route 109 and Little East Neck…

Town of West Babylon

The hamlet of West Babylon, located in the Town of Babylon, is a neighborhood not only of strong community ties but of devoted individuals and groups who have a passion for preserving the history of its area. Despite its size, being the most populous hamlet in the Town of Babylon at 43,000, West Babylon has retained its sense of history. Formerly a large property designated for the cultivation of tulips, West Babylon has grown into a bustling population center in the Town of Babylon.

Distinguished by its strong community ties and volunteer groups, including the Lions Club, Little East Neck Merchants, Taxpayer’s Association, the Beautification Society, and the Parent Teacher Association, the town is devoted to preserving its heritage, and has recently constructed a windmill at the corner of Route 109 and Little East Neck Road in celebration of its history. In addition, Little East Neck Road has been declared as a National Historic Site.

West Babylon has bred more than its share of acclaimed individuals. The acclaimed poet Walt Whitman taught school here briefly in the winter of 1836-37. CNBC news anchor Geraldo Rivera originated from West Babylon, as did Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Billy Koch, Jonathan Reese, a star lacrosse player in the NCAA who holds the single season scoring record, also hails from this hamlet.

From The Babylon Beacon

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Ritacco Award

Ritacco Award Recipients receive a trophy and have their name engraved on a plate which is located in the Trophy Case at the High School…


Albert J. Ritacco Memorial Award
“Desire And You Shall Excel”

2010 - Danny Apuzzo
2010 - Jeff Orelien
2009 - Jesse Powers
2009 - Andrew Smith
2009 - Dominick Mantovani
2008 - Dominick Mantovani
2007 - Jesse Cullen
2007 - Robert D’Amato
2007 - Anthony Melhado
2006 - Jonathan Rebecca
2006 - Alex Hawrylkiewicz
2005 - James McFadden
2005 - Gibson Marsenat
2004 - Kevin Hennessy
2004 - Alton Lucas
2003 - Alton Lucas
2003 - Tim O’Callaghan
2002 - Tim O’Callaghan
2001 - Dave Powers
2000 - Dave Andrews 
1999 - Mile McGrorty
1998 - Rob Sandora
1997 - Brain Sawyer
1996 - Stephan Vutrano
1996 - Christopher Durante
1995 - Peter Arebazo
1994 - Tom Pititto
1994 - Seth Diamond
1993 - Andrew Torre
1992 - Tom Debiccari
1991 - Rob Riviezzo
1990 - John Rabaglia
1989 - Lenny Catalano
1988 - Erik Farbman
1987 - Frank Riviezzo
1986 - Brain Starling
1985 - Phillip Forcino
1984 - Harry Theo
1983 - James Fawcett
1982 - Christopher Capobianco
1981 - John Hoffman
1980 - Anthony Paparella
1979 - Bill Smith
1979 - Doug Cohen
1978 - Tony Lubrano
1977 - Gordon Diehl
1976 - Matt Smith
1975 - Raymond Gallo
1974 - Vincent Senzamici
1973 - Thomas Wesley
1972 - Robert Gordon
1971 - Richard Kresge
1970 - Stephen Grassodonio
1969 - George Basso
1968 - George Basso
1967 - Robert Pearsall
1966 - John Meister 

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School Songs

Painting located at the High School in Gym A…

The West Babylon Alma Mater
Lyrics: Ruth Robinson

The eagle is the symbol of the high school we hold dear,
A school that those of us who know regard without a peer,
Her colors blue and gold, when seen, do gladden ev’ry eye,
Of all those sons and daughters of our own West Babylon High.

Oh, dear old alma mater to you we will be true,
You’ll live forever in our hearts,
West Babylon we love you.

You gave us knowledge, courage and the will to carry on,
You help us face life’s problems
When from out your doors we’ve gone so,
Here’s to you West Babylon,
Thy halls with laughter filled,
We’ll sing thy praises to the sky,
Until all sound is stilled.

Entrance to the Team Room in the High School…

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School Colors

Uniforms from the 1964 season…

The colors Blue and Gold were adopted approximately in the year 1918 along with the Eagle mascot.  The school became known as the West Babylon Eagles.  West Babylon always donned the Navy Blue color; however, the Gold was originally Vegas (Notre Dame) Gold.

Throughout the years the reconditioning companies had trouble matching the gold paint on the helmets with the gold pants and numbers on the jerseys.  Therefore in approximately 1982 the helmets were changed to Navy Blue, better known as “Eagle Blue” and an Athletic Gold color for the pants and numbers on the jerseys.  These color schemes are still present.

It is tradition that for Homecoming or a vital home game West Babylon will wear their all blue uniforms (blue jersey and blue pants)!

New uniforms as of the 2007 season…

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Special Awards

Replica Trophy located in the Trophy Case at the High School…

Hanson Award
(Best Player in Suffolk County)
1960 - Len Sears

Replica Trophy located in the Trophy Case at the High School…

Zellner Award
(Best Linemen in Suffolk County)
1999 - Mike McGrorty

Replica Trophy located in the Trophy Case at the High School…

Boomer Award
(Best Quarterback in Suffolk County)
2005 - Eric Romanchuk
2004 - Kevin Hennessy 

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"The Plaque" which is located on the Game Field at West Babylon Jr. High School…


2011 - DESIRE
2010 - FINISH IT
2009 - FAMILY
2005 - BELIEVE
2004 - RESPECT


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Trophy Room

Trophy Case located outside Team Room at the High School…









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