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Buddy Benches Bring Students Together at South Bay

Students Outside Near The New
Hailey Frampton, a fourth grader in Mr. Schneider’s class at South Bay Elementary School, recently served as “Principal for a Day” alongside South Bay Principal Christina Cotter. During the day, she shared an idea that she and her classmates had discussed in class: making the school benches outside into buddy benches. 

A buddy bench allows someone who may feel lonely or want to talk to someone, to sit down and signal to others that they are looking for a buddy. “It’s is a great way for students to make connections and feel heard and included,” Ms. Cotter said. “Hailey and her classmates wanted to create signs to put by the benches to explain to students in pictures and words how to utilize the buddy benches.”

Ms. Cotter brought the idea the school’s student council. “They loved the idea and got to work creating beautiful signs,” she said. “The signs are up, thanks to our awesome custodial staff, and look great.”