Students Share Their Love of Arts

Students Share Their Love of Arts Pic
Students Share Their Love of Arts Pic 2
The district’s art and music programs have positively affected thousands of students who have participated in them both as part of the school curriculum and after school as clubs and activities. The art and music programs offer students an opportunity to explore their true passions and unleash their creativity. Here are what West Babylon student-artists and student-musicians have to say about their experiences in these programs: 

How would you describe your musical experience in West Babylon?
“The music program has taught me how to be creative and express myself without using words.” ¬– Cara Cirasole, eighth-grader

“I would say it’s supportive, yet challenging. The teachers always are helping and trying to make you better, and it’s challenging, but working hard helps you get better.” – R.J. Woodward, eighth-grader

How would you describe your experience in the art program at West Babylon?
“I’m very thankful for my experience. I really learned a lot. I grew as an artist and as a person. My teachers taught me about style and history techniques. I really grew confident in myself as an artist, and all the classes have been beneficial to me.” – Alexandra Gaudioso, 12th-grader
“My teachers are always pushing me to work harder, so I have enjoyed it, even though it can be challenging. It’s worth the hard work.” – Alanna Tennant, seventh-grader

Aside from learning to play an instrument, what have you learned from the program?
“It’s good to play in a group. I’ve learned collaboration and how to work with others. I’ve also learned a good work ethic.” – Eamon Murray, seventh-grader

“I’ve learned teamwork, and I’ve learned how to get up on a stage and play. I’ve learned how to have confidence in what I am doing.” – R.J. Woodward, eighth-grader

“I’ve learned time management, because being in multiple groups you need time to practice all the music and the rehearsals are very long. On top of the responsibility, it also teaches you how to work with people.” ¬ ¬¬¬– Erin Wade, 12th-grader

Aside from learning art techniques, what have you gained from the program?
“I can express myself through art and music, and it has become my stress relief.” ¬– Lauren Russell, eighth-grader

“Art really expanded my horizons. All of my teachers helped me become stronger. Art has helped me grow as a person and has definitely changed me over the years. I used to be afraid to try new things, and it has pushed me out of my comfort zone.” ¬– Amelia Cullen, 12th-grader

“I have learned that everyone is unique, and everyone is creative in their own way.” – Cara Cirasole, eighth-grader

“Coming into high school, I didn’t have any art experience. I took the required classes but I never really excelled in them. But coming into art history, I came out of the class enlightened and completely changed.” – Robert Aquanno, 12th-grader

Why would you encourage others to join the art or music program?
“It’s fun to get out from behind the desk and express yourself.” – Eamon Murray, seventh-grader

“For some people, it’s an escape. It makes difficult situations easier, and I have been able to express feelings in music in ways that I haven’t been able to do before.” – Kayla Muhammad, eighth-grader

“The teachers are always supportive and even if you don’t think you can do it, if you keep trying you will eventually get better.” ¬– R.J. Woodward, eighth-grader

“It was completely by chance that I got involved in the music program. I had so much positive feedback from my teachers and my peers. I would listen to my old recordings and see how far I have grown. I couldn’t imagine my life without music. When I have a break or a free period, the first place I go is to the music wing.” – David Grant, 12th-grader

What knowledge do you think you have gained that will help you in college and beyond?
“Confidence, definitely. It’s helped me connect with people who are also musically talented.” ¬– Kayla Muhammad, eighth-grader

“I’ve learned how to be creative, and I feel like if you have a passion for it, you should just keep doing it because everyone is different.” – Cara Cirasole, eighth-grader

“When people say that music is the universal language, it’s definitely true. You can relate to all the musicians you meet. No matter if you can’t speak their written language, you can speak with them through music.” ¬ – Eric Donohue, 12th-grader