Mrs. Kozak's 3rd Grade class ended Unit 2- informational writing with a small classroom Literacy celebration.

During the Expert Share: Students paired with their Reading Buddy and took turns reading their own book to their partner. Meanwhile, the buddy listening was instructed to construct a graphic organizer we learned about in reading (pros/cons, sim/diff, boxes& bullets, compare& contrast, or write 2-3 things he/she learned) on post-it notes based on their buddy's expert topic. The Expert Share took about 20 minutes.

After, 3 students were chosen to play the Expert Author. During this time, each chosen student was allowed time to read their self written book to the whole class. Time was allowed for questions, comments, and conversation between the Expert Author and peers about his/her topic. Students also shared what they learned from each Expert Author's topic.

"I was very proud and excited to have this for the children today. I felt this activity unified and brought an exciting closure to both the Reading & Writing Units of Study! It also brought excitement to our classroom learning and instilled students with pride in their work!" (Diana Gorman, Substitute Teacher for Mrs. Kozak)