An Update on Security

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In a districtwide effort to continue to boost safety and security measures, the district has implemented a number of security enhancements.
Entrance doors will remain locked at all times and in order to gain access to a building, visitors must provide a government-issued identification card which will be scanned through the district’s Raptor ID system. Additional access card readers, door ajar systems and double door vestibules will be installed districtwide.

At each school entrance a security guard will now be stationed, with two guards added to the high school. This brings the total number of security officers to 33. In addition, security officers have received CPR, first aid, automated external defibrillator, EpiPen and Narcan training with supplementary instruction scheduled throughout the year. Security officers now have email accounts and access to building camera views.
A security team of active and retired law enforcement officers has been established for athletic and major schoolwide events. Specific protocols have been developed for athletic events, such as the size of bags and backpacks allowed.
The district’s director of security meets with the Suffolk County Police Department and other local school district security teams regarding any concerns in the neighborhood. Building emergency teams have been established districtwide, and physical education teachers have been assigned radios for outdoor classes. Procedures for accounting of all students during drills have been reviewed, updated and implemented in all school buildings.
The district is currently evaluating its exterior camera and public announcements systems in all buildings to determine if replacement or updates are needed. A command center at the high school is also being established to allow for a security officer to have “eyes” on all buildings and contact emergency responders if necessary.