Staying Mindful

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South Bay psychologist Laure Loughlin, along with fifth-graders Camila, Cassidy and Alejandra. The students participated in an after-school Mindfulness Workshop with Ms. Loughlin and created "mindful jars." The concept of the mindful jar comes from the book "Moody Cow Meditates" by Kerry Lee MacLean. The colorful glitter in the jar represents a person's angry thoughts. When the jar is shaken, the glitter "swirls around like crazy in the jar," just as our thoughts do when we are angry. But, then the glitter slows down and gradually settles to the bottom of the jar, just as our
minds do when we take deep breaths to recover from being angry. The girls intend to use their mindful jars, as well as other mindfulness techniques they learned from Ms. Loughlin, to help them stay calm and focused during stressful times.