‘Egg-’citing New Arrivals at Tooker

Heather Paganica’s third-grade classroom at Tooker Avenue is brimming with hands-on learning activities as students are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the duck eggs they have been incubating for the last month.

For the past five years, Ms. Paganica has been traveling to a farm on eastern Long Island and bringing back duck eggs that are almost ready to hatch for the classroom. Students have been learning about ducks, how they form in their eggs and have the opportunity to watch the ducklings emerge from their shells along with their first few days of life.

But after the farm closed last year, Ms. Paganica located a new farm that could get the eggs but under different circumstances. She borrowed an incubator from the farm owners and incubated the eggs for the full 28 days.

This year, for the second time, Ms. Paganica and her class are incubating their eggs for the full 28 days in her brand new incubator, complete with an egg turner, in her classroom.