On October 19th, Mrs. Wilken's Third Grade Class read "Miss Malarchy Leaves No Reader Behind" by Judy Finchler. In the story, the principal challenges his school to read 1,000 books. If they do, he'll dye his hair purple and sleep on the roof. Mrs. WIlken's class decided on its own challenge for principal Mrs. Acocella. Since sleeping on the roof is unsafe, they challenged Mrs. Acocella to dye her hair if they read a sufficient amount of books. Mrs. Acocella agreed, and designated 700 books for the class (100 per student) by March 17th and she would dye her hair green in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Not long after the challenge was put in place, Mrs. Acocella upped the Challenge to 1,000 books by the same date. The students reached their goal of 700 books in early January. They will reach 1,000 books very soon!!! Get the hair dye ready for Principal Acocella!!