District Highlights New Security Initiatives

After more than a year of working on planned enhancements, the district has put a number of new security initiatives in place for the 2015-2016 school year. While the district is now rolling out the first phase of its plan, the enhancements and upgrades will continue to take place throughout the school year and into next year as well.

Several additional guards have been hired through Summit Security to add to our existing security team so that there is a security guard at each of the building’s main entrances.  Parents and guardians were notified of the security changes via School Messenger, the website and Facebook prior to the start of the school year. Additionally, the district is in the process of hiring a security supervisor to oversee all safety operations.

Another portion of phase one of the plan, which began this month, is the installation of a visitor ID scanning system. All visitors must present a government-issued photo ID upon entering the building. The photo ID will be scanned through a device that will search the National Sex Offender database and alert security if the individual is prohibited from being in or around the building. Each visitor is issued a pass with his/her picture, name and destination printed on it. Prior to leaving the building, the visitor pass is returned and the visitor is “checked out.”

Training on the scanning device, which is manufactured by Raptor, was provided to all security officers, principals and main office secretaries. All visitors are asked to exit buildings though the main entrance doors.

“With the safety and security of our students, visitors and staff being of paramount importance, we have been working diligently to establish positive changes to our West Babylon security system,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Yiendhy Farrelly.

Future phases of the security plan include the installation of a double-door vestibule system at each school entrance in the district, additional cameras throughout the district and an entry system for staff and administrators. All district employees must have a school-issued ID to gain entrance into a building.

The district is planning additional training for the security guards on the November 3rd conference day. A sub-committee of the district Health and Safety Committee has been established to oversee the security initiative.  Members of this sub-committee include Dr. Farrelly along with several central office and building administrators.

Many of the security enhancements and upgrades will be funded through the federal Smart School Bond Act and should be completed and operational within the next two years.