Tree of Friendship

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Third-graders in Debbie LoSardo’s class at South Bay Elementary School learned important lessons about teamwork and cooperation when they completed a community building activity on the first day of school.

The students began the activity by examining a picture of a bare tree and discussing different ways to enhance the tree. After the class decided that leaves were the missing element from the image, they each inked their thumbs to create unique leaf prints on the tree. “This act helped to represent how when we come together as friends we can create something beautiful,” said Mrs. LoSardo.

The class concluded the project by discussing how their new classroom was a home away from home, and together they made a special type of family. “The children really enjoyed putting their fingers into the ink and loved the completed, colorful product,” said Mrs. LoSardo. “Several have referenced it when we have talked about being kind and respectful to others.”