Nadine Doerbecker Receives SAANYS Scholarship

Senior high school student Nadine Doerbecker was the recipient of a scholarship from the School Administrators Association of New York State for an essay she wrote about her admiration for principal Dr. Ellice Vassallo.

In her essay, Nadine compliments Dr. Vassallo on her work with the Student Quality Team, being a supporter of the Gay Straight Alliance Club and Peer Education Program, and her participation on the Wake Up West Babylon program.

Nadine describes Dr. Vassallo’s most admirable trait. “The most admirable thing about Dr. Vassallo is her passion. She puts her whole heart into every single thing she does,” Nadine says. “Whether it’s throwing her support behind a club or program, attending an after school event, guest starring on Wake Up West Babylon, or running an entire high school, she does it all and does it well.”