Developing and Maintaining Healthy Hearts

Development and maintenance of a healthy heart was the focus and mindset for students and staff throughout the month of February.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined, and one in three women will die of a heart attack or stroke. On Feb. 6, to bring attention to the cause of women’s heart health, staff celebrated Go Red for Women Day by wearing red clothing and taking action to protect their hearts through diet and exercise. Donations were also collected for the American Heart Association.

Continuing the cause of heart health, students took part in the AHA’s Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart programs during their physical education classes. In the weeks leading up to the events, physical education teachers held a jump rope unit and talked about heart-healthy activities such as diet and exercise. In addition to jumping rope, the students played basketball, jumped on mini trampolines and used hula-hoops to raise their heart rates. Through their participation in both events, students collected donations for the American Heart Association. 

At South Bay, district school lunch manager Jeannette Frabizio provided workshops on healthy food choices. The students learned what types of foods are packed with nutrition and had the opportunity to sample fresh foods regularly provided in the school cafeteria. Students were also encouraged to speak with their parents about diet and exercise as a lifelong means to remaining healthy and strong.

In addition to remaining physically heart healthy, students also focused on emotional heart health. Throughout the district, students and staff celebrated P.S. I Love You Day and Kindness Is Contagious Day. By wearing purple, students and staff demonstrated their commitment to be kind to one another, creating a positive atmosphere in which all members of the school community feel accepted. 
With participation in February’s heart-healthy activities, students and staff will surely be more mindful of their health throughout the year.