Working with Intralogic of Massapequa and through BOCES, the district has completed a detailed security enhancement project that includes the installation of 148 additional cameras, magnetic doors, panic buttons and proximity readers (door swipes) throughout the district. The state-of-the-art technology is guaranteed to increase security and assist staff in making the schools safer.

According to building and grounds administrator Ray Graziano, the security enhancement project was part of a six-year strategic plan in which cameras were initially installed in the high school, and then additional cameras in each of the schools every year.

“We were always on the road to expanding camera technology and budgeted to increase the number of cameras each year,” Graziano said. “The tragedy in Sandy Hook was the impetus to complete the strategic plan and increase security even further.”

Stephanie Nocerino, the district’s student data and instructional technology coordinator, explained that the project, which totaled $208,554.50 (the district is fortunate to have a 51.7% BOCES aid ratio), expands the number of internal and external IP and analog cameras throughout the district.

The IP cameras have a higher resolution. This project will also ensure 30 days of information retention and the ability to review tapes. Proximity readers on high school staff badges can now log who enters and exits the building, and this pilot program may be expanded in the future. In adherence to the New York State Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (Project SAVE) legislation, panic buttons can now directly contact the local police precinct, and specific phones can alert a swat team directly if there is an active shooter on campus.   

“It is unfortunate that districts have to go to these lengths,” Nocerino said, “but our students’ and staff’s safety is of the utmost importance.”