Tooker Elementary School students continue to work hard to master math skills using the IXL computer-based math program. Every month, the top five students in each grade level will have their name and photo displayed on the school’s bulletin board and will be recognized during the morning announcements. In addition, the student who logs in the most minutes per grade level will have an opportunity to play a game with Principal Germano. The following are the October winners:  

Kindergarten - 1st place James DeScalzo, 2nd Othaniel Gaxiola, 3rd Matthew Kirton, 4th JonCarlo Palacio, 5th Christopher McNish

First - 1st Sara Coffey, 2nd Avery Lester, 3rd Saad Syed, 4th Anthony Mastrangelo, 5th William Lewis

Second - 1st Erica Huang, 2nd Serhan Daldal, 3rd Camila Palacio, 4th Isabella Mirasoli, 5th Matthew Lottman

Third - 1st Timothy McNish, 2nd Kaitlyn Zambrana, 3rd Aaron Agtuca, 4th Alma Gaxiola, 5th Briana Covello

Fourth - 1st Steven Pereira, 2nd Robert Smith, 3rd Rebecca Vitale, 4th Nico White, 5th Kelly Bianco

Fifth - 1st Ania Napiorkowski, 2nd Lea Portello, 3rd Amy Salazar, 4th Gabriella Devia, 5th Sara Ghabra