No Name Calling Week

During the week of Jan. 20, students in the district took part in No Name Calling Week, an annual campaign aimed at fostering an environment in which bullying is not tolerated in schools.

Throughout the district, students participated in a multitude of events and activities that encouraged these efforts. During the week, students wore themed attire to represent various anti-bullying ideas, such as sports jersey day to team up against bullying, and mix and match day to show that everyone is different and unique.

Books highlighting kindness were read over the loud speakers of the elementary schools and anti- bullying pledges were taken by the students. At the junior high school, students’ pledges were displayed in the cafeteria in the shape of a peace sign. Teachers received acts of kindness slips to recognize students caught doing good deeds. In addition, two junior high school students introduced the Butterfly Project, where Post-it notes with complimentary and encouraging phrases were taped to each students’ locker in an effort to remind them of the beautiful qualities they have, much like the wings of a butterfly.

The week was a success as district students came together in support of the anti-bullying campaign. This sense of unity helps to create an environment in which all students can comfortably be themselves.