June 10, 2020

Tonight, we gather together after what has been an extremely unsettling time in our country, region and our local community. I have heard from many residents over the past several days and have listened to the concerns noted, thoughtful feedback and opinions. While I always welcome input, it is important for the community to understand my role in the district and how it is distinct and separate from our board of education. As Mrs. Campasano noted, as superintendent of schools, I have no legal authority to reprimand or address trustee behavior.

As your superintendent/leader of our school district representing all of our students, staff and faculty, I will say that any other statement that reflects an insensitivity to what continues to occur throughout our country - is quite upsetting and disheartening.

I am proud of the many discussions and programs we have implemented within our schools with board support that promote tolerance and inclusivity among all of our students - students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, colors, special needs and lifestyles.

We are a West Babylon Family. We need to continue to work together to do better and be better for our students and community…. to be more sensitive to each other's needs. As your superintendent and as an educator, it is my job to ensure our staff and faculty adhere to our vision, mission and policies. As your superintendent and as a parent, it is my job to promote an inclusive environment for all students, staff and faculty that is free from bias actions or insensitive statements.  

As human beings, we must strive to be more compassionate, more humane, more sensitive and more cognizant of the power and impact of our words and actions.  I am committed to the oath I took to serve as your superintendent and will continue to examine and evaluate what we do, say and teach within our schools. I value and welcome the input of our residents and look forward to leading our wonderful school district during these trying times.