South Bay Celebrates Student Growth and Achievement

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South Bay Celebrates Student Growth and Achievement  thumbnail161821
Principal Christina Cotter, along with faculty and staff members, are focusing their efforts on celebrating student growth and achievement. They are highlighting students who are working hard and showing growth academically. Mrs. Cotter is recognizing the students on social media, over the school’s public announcement system, and through formal growth showcase assemblies at the end of each trimester. “The idea is to celebrate the day-to-day efforts of students,” Mrs. Cotter said. “We want to show them that we are proud of how hard they are working. We also want other students to see the specific actions and habits that are leading to excellent academic achievement, so that they can learn from these examples.”  
In preparation for the growth showcases, teachers work together with their colleagues and Mrs. Cotter to identify students to recognize for achievement and growth. At assemblies with students, they highlight the specific attitudes, practices and habits that led students to make these outstanding strides. “We are really looking to build a culture of growth here at South Bay,” Mrs. Cotter said. “We are looking at student habits and how they are fitting into that growth mindset.”
During the first recognition ceremony, teacher Nancy Febbraro said, “the students who received the awards were beaming with pride as they went to receive their awards. Their classmates eagerly congratulated them and others for their achievement. The students looked forward to celebrating with their parents. All the students were inspired as a result of this special event.”